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    After it all I got what I wanted(32g tp) for 50$( 600 - 50 rebate - 50 apps- 450 from bb price match).

    It might not have gone the way hp promised and the big problem is how long will they continue to give a hoot, but in the end we are all winners( and whiners).

    Would most companies have done what hp did? I am sure they have a reason but they could have let us all languish with our pockets being lighter. I know even the people around here that hang out only to say negative things didn't know it would work out like this. All things being 20/20 I bet they could have sold the tp for 3 or 350 and made out better.

    I also think that in the end it was the ipad the killed them only because, I feel, they tried to place it next to the ipad. They tried to charge as much and didn't do a better job of setting it apart. If they sold them when they announced it it would have been ok to price it where they did, but by the time it was released they no longer had an edge.

    In the end as a consumer I have nothing but good things to say about HP and I love my TP. I was almost never going to buy a single thing from Best Buy ever again, but HP ( for as long as they are still doing it) will have my business.
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    As I maintain, HP failed to deliver what was promised. They showed distinguishing features in the February event and FIVE MONTHS LATER all we got is yet another tablet with a browser that didn't work. Now I'm not sure if they fixed the issues, but still none of the distinctive features unique to the TouchPad? Where's TTS? Where's the SMS integration?

    The only reason why I bought one is because it's cheaper than a 9.7" photo frame.
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    This makes me happy for the early adopters who hopefully will be able to swing a similar deal from HP/Retailer of choice... I admittedly didn't think to buy this until the firesale started, but those of you who had the faith in webOS through ALLLLLLLL of this crap (Pre to Palm's sale, to HP's dumping) will hopefully make out a LITTLE better than those of us who came in at the end to swoop up the carcass.

    Kudos! And enjoy your TP and apps!

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