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    I bought my 32GB touchpad from ebay in mid July. I paid $460 with free shipping and it included touchstone and case. I still feel like I got a good deal on it. I didn't turn to resell when I heard the news they were discontinuing the product. In fact I'm sure there are others like me out there that won't see any "reimbursement" money coming. That ebay seller sure did make bank on it though. My frustration right now is with the consumer. I did in fact order 2 16GB touchpads from SMB on Saturday last weekend. I bought 1 for my gf and the second because I know I can find someone to sell it to (at firesale cost). The general Joe Blow consumer though that buys the TP and wants to force Android on it or do things it was never intended to do irks me. Beside any version of Android probably won't run that great. And as far as I can recall Honeycomb source was never released. So go ahead and stick 2.3 on there and enjoy a non Tablet OS. Why not go grab the old galaxy tab and be done with it. They ran out for deal not knowing what they were getting and then want to complain about it. I know they went fast but come on. I also don't understand why HP went to the $99 price mark so fast. At 200 and still allowed the trusty SAVE30HP coupon codes to work they would have been a good deal. HP would have not taken such a loss and perhaps their servers wouldn't have bellied up. I know people have commented on the fact that HP doesn't stand to make a lot from the app store through selling apps but I disagree. Not sure if anyone's aware but Android/Google isn't a device its an OS and thats how google makes their money. I can't back this with numbers but I can't imagine googles heaving money into Android without some return or future return. HP with webOS in their bag was the one company that have could make this move right now. Selling devices at cost to make return on sales. Apple would never do this and Android doesn't belong to any one manufacturer... yet. Would have been an interesting route to go.

    I guess in some ways I feel like a hipster when I was happy when webOS was just a small community. I think we got BIG real quick and I'm feeling some growing pains of sifting through comments/post about how "I can't get my wifi to connect cause I forgot my password?" and they blame the Touchpad. I've been with my Pre- since June '09 with a small break to play with android. I stood by as webOS was mocked and put down by all these resellers now on ebay and its just annoyed me. I still believe there's a future and I'll ride this thing till the end. Anyway thats my not so long and incoherent rant.

    tl;d(re)r so sorry for misspellings or general annoyance
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