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    Does anyone else have this problem? Whenever I try to use the ListType key to insert a special character, I get this popup instead:

    This key lets you enter accents and symbols not shown on the keyboard.

    Tap Keyboard in the Applications Launcher for details.

    It works fine in every other application, just not Eudora. This is on my Treo 300. Any ideas?
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    Actually, it only doesn't work in the message composition screen.. it does work in other text entry parts of the app (like Signatures)....
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    I've noticed the same issue--cannot use special characters (like & ; )when composing messages in Eudora. Auto caps at begining of a sentence also does not work properly. I do not think Eudora integrates well with Treo's keyboard. I otherwise like the Eudora interface and functionality--too bad it isn't being upgraded. Watching Snappermail development closely! Once timed fetch is implemented I'll probably make the switch.
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    I have the same problem, but need Eudora for its filtering. When Snappermail supports filtering, I might jump as well.
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    If you Swipe+K to bring up the virtual keyboard, then you can use the ellipses button (on the physical thumbboard) to call up special characters. It's a slight extra layer of complexity, but it works.


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