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    (i might be wrong about some facts. please don’t kill me also, this is kind of an incomplete rant; however, i think it's interesting)

    Soon after HP's acquisition of Palm, Hewlett Packard begins quietly failing at nearly everything webOS. Léo apothecer clearly has no idea what he’s doing and manages to take HP away from the mountain on which they were sitting to the top of a cliff looking over an endless abyss.

    So what now?

    well, logically if something manages to push you to the edge of a cliff looking over an endless abyss, you probably want to get as far away from that thing as possible. Sadly, if you’re HP and the thing pushing you is Leo Apothecker, you can’t run away.

    why? that’s simple. Because HP is an example of everything that can go wrong in a Company.

    Starting with HP’s extreme hunger for power.

    let’s break it down:

    1934: bill hewlett and dave packard meet

    1947: HP incorporates

    1958: 1st acquisition.

    1961: HP 1st listed on the NYSE

    1961 - 1988: Many, Many technological advancements are made.

    1999: Carly Fiorina becomes CEO.

    2002: HP merges with Compaq

    2008: HP has made 116 acquisitions since 1986, 60 of which were during Carly’s Time as C.E.O.

    well, frankly, i Have ADHD and am getting bored of writing this.

    But, my point is really the following:

    while many people think Carly isn't to great, i'd argue she's incredibly terrible

    Carly Fioina fought strongly for the merging with Compaq
    , something with which the son of Bill Hewlett, Walter Hewlett, strongly disagreed, he thought Fiorina just wanted to get “some breathing space from wallstreet.”

    Now, with the possible spinning off of HP’s PSG (effectively what Compaq was), i see HP getting closer and closer to the great company it once was (pre-fiorina)

    Basically, Leo Apothekur hasn’t the slightest idea what he’s doing, HP is too big too fail, (not in the bailing out stock market sense, in the literal HP has too much going on for everything to actually fail) HP’s board has NO POWER, and, most importantly, if you’re angry at Apothecker, that anger should be paralleled by anger toward Fiorina.

    *notice the frequent misspelling of Léo Apotheker, when speaking out loud, i purposely mispronounce his name (just because it’s fun) . can we make that a thing? #misspellingApotheker

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    we don't like her either.

    I blame the board of directors for hiring both of them.
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    Leo screwed WebOS, whether he did it at the direction of the HP BOD, or after convicing them to do it because he wanted to.

    Say what you want, but, the WebOS situtation lies squarely on his shoulders.
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    Actually, the REAL HP isn't HP at all, it's Agilent. (From the perspective of an Engineer, anyway.)

    Bill and Dave started the company to make test instruments. Computers and printers were originally just a sideline. The first computers were engineering development systems and the plotters were used to output data from the instruments, and later, for CAD drawings.

    HP was the Apple of scientific calculators. Having an HP calculator was like owning a Rolex. (At least in the geek world.) I had 3 of the lower end models.
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    I guess we'll see how he moves forward and if he's allowed to make anymore decisions like this in the near future. Who knows after this fiasco they may move to replace him pretty soon.
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    Welll in 2000-2001 hp's stock was in its highest ever. 70$ per share and now is 20. So I wouldn't blame fiorina actually. She made some good acquisitions and created a profile for HP. But the bod is what is destroying HP at the moment by keeping Leo. Well I still blame Leo not because he just saw that the end was near but for not trying to leverage it at least for another 2 years.

    The profits were shrinking but still the earnings are earnings. 2 billion is a noticeable amount of money. You can't just throw it away. And even worse you can't just throw it away like this. HP will loose a lot of money this year until PSG is sold just from this announcement.
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    Fiorina could have made 99 good acquisitions but the fact remains that she made 1 massive bad one by doubling down on PC by buying Compaq. HP's founders were against it. IBM took a completely different direction by selling their hard drive division, their pc division, their embedded powerpc division....
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    F...U Leo Pendejo!!!
    Sorry about my French, I mean Spanish! But Leo deserves it and more

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