Anybody knows of any SW that is automated when using calling card. For example, with my previous phone, Moto Startec, I can program in my calling card number and when I dial that number, it asks for the dialing number, at this point I call recall from my memory or manually dial in and press send or the “smart” button and then it automatically makes the call. When it makes connection, and the recording comes one asking number to dial, I hit the "smart" button again and uses the number I entered previously. Next when asked for calling card number (already programmed) hit the "smart" button again and the call is completed. With this way, I just dial one number (pre-programmed calling card number) and rest I can select from my database.

Given Treo has the similar push function on the jog dial, I am sure with some fancy SW this can be automated like regular phone.

Today, with the Treo, I call up my pre-programmed calling card number and although it has section for second numbers, but its not designed for calling card.

Either, I am not using it right or there’s got to be another solution out there.

Any solutions out there?