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    Well folks, my Treo can no longer access the network...I get no "Flip" character animation, and I read about other users having the same problem....Soft/hard rsets don't work.

    For the record, I have Not installed the GPRS update, and I don't intend to until it is official, but what about the radio reset files? How can I reset the radio without opening up the treo or letting the battery die?

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    I seem to have recently come across the same issue. I contacted Handspring's customer support via email and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts was put through to their tier 2 support, which sent me a couple of PRC files to reset my radio. It still didn't work (and my battery now drains abnormally fast). BTW, I have the GPRS upgrade...
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    The radio reset files didn't work for me either....What did work, was letting the Treo drain completely and then reseting it with the stylus....
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    Independent of what you did, my Treo's battery was completely drained as well (it was also completely draining in a matter of a few hours). I completely charged the battery and, magically, BOTH problems were resolved (battery draining fast and I can now use my Treo as a phone again). Very strange. Thanks for the help...
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    I guess that explains it. I had the same problem and it seemed to get fixed when I opened it up and disconnected the battery for a few minutes.

    I suppose I could have just let the battery drain instead.

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