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    He's just an Uber Aple ******. I know some myself. If Apple started manufacturing cars tomorrow, they'd go buy one (whatever the cost) and swear they were the best cars ever made.
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    1) So ? The iPad2 will be discontinued in 6 months, too.
    2) webOS has not been discontinued and there is tech support. HP has already stated webOS will continue to receive updates.
    3) In a brand new market, clearly we should stick to the status quo. I mean, why would we, the consumer, want to encourage innovation and value to the end user ? That's just stupid.
    4) There are many apps and there will be many more coming. HP just increased their customer base from several thousand to several million quite literally overnight. You don't think developers want to sell apps to those people ?
    5) I've worked in a computer retail environment for the last 6 years and almost everyone who comes in looking for a laptop to do the following: Browse internet, e-mail, Facebook, store/view pictures, and listen to music. The TouchPad does all those things perfectly fine and, in the case of internet browsing, better than the iPad2.

    Anyways, it's pretty clear the writer has an extreme Apple bias.
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    Also, remember a lot of poorer writers use an article to slam a device to stir up controvercy to drive defenders to that page and gain page clicks. Cheap tactics by some sites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Also, remember a lot of poorer writers use an article to slam a device to stir up controvercy to drive defenders to that page and gain page clicks. Cheap tactics by some sites.
    Meh, I have all ads blocked anyways. They didn't gain anything from me reading it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Also, remember a lot of poorer writers use an article to slam a device to stir up controvercy to drive defenders to that page and gain page clicks. Cheap tactics by some sites.
    Yeah but, the guy's page doesn't allow for comments. If he really wanted the attention, he would have turned comments on in order to ensure people STAY there (even if they're biting on his trolling)...
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    Considering their menu bar for the site has a section entitled "iPhone + iPod + iPad" and there is forum sections dedicated to the iPhone, did any expect anything different?

    Furthermore, who is Beatweek???
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    I looked at the rest of the website....Front page....1/3 Apple ad/merchandising.....biased?'s an honest review. Then I looked at the rest of the CRAP on, their opinion of what's "cool" and mine are TOTALLY different, and that's ok, I'll never go to that site ever again, so help me God!
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    Looks like they pulled the article. Beatweek does this every time enough people disagree. First they respond calling all the people that disagree with them idiots and morons. Then, when they are inundated with criticizing comments they pull the article. Sometimes they even pull specific comments in threads in Google+.

    This magazine is the worst I've ever seen. Their editors are always putting out flame-bait and are completely out of touch. If it's not an Apple product then it won't get a fair report.
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    I removed my link to deadbeats review. Trolling for links.
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    Saying there's no reason to buy it at $99 is idiotic. The thing is a steal at that. If for no other reason that you get a 9.7" tablet that you can:

    1. Browse the Internet
    2. Send/Recieve Email
    3. Watch Video
    4. Read EBooks

    Thoes things alone make it worth while at $99. To say there's no reason to buy it is ridiculous. For someone that doesn't need a ton of apps, or isn't going to play all kinds of games, or isn't a tech guru, a $99 tablet with a good build quality, capacitive screen, and good OS is extremely attractive.

    There's not another tablet on the market within $100 of the TouchPad that comes close to offering what it can offer as far as build quality goes.

    However, lets not be over the top either...

    Yes, the iPad2 will be discontinued in 6 months. Because an upgraded model will be coming out. That's significantly different, from a consumer and a developer stand point, to discontinuing something with no plans what so ever to bring out a successor at the point of discontinuing it. Not to mention the iPad2 will have been on the market for far more than 7 months, not just 7 weeks.

    While HP increased their customer base, there's no evidence developers are going to flock to an OS that, at this point, seems to have reached its last influx it'll ever see. Indeed, as evident on an article on the main page of this site, numerous developers have stated they're leaving the OS.

    Finally, while the TouchPad does have Flash the claim of internet browsing as being better as some kind of fact is questionable. If you had said stock OS, sure. But that's operating within a bubble. There are Browsers available for the iPad that do allow for Flash to function to various degree's. Additionally, there are a number of usability options available that may make web browsing better for some individuals on the iPad compared to the TouchPad. I use the Terra Browser on my iPad2. I prefer the Tabbed browsing setup to the Stacks setup on my TouchPad. With Terra I have two finger swipes for back and forward along with three finger swipes for next and previous tab. This allows for it to function largely with a similar flow and elegence that made WebOS on the Phones so wonderful. Not pecking at buttons, not a ton of extra clicks on the screen, but natural and sensible gestures that make navigation intuitive and a fun experience. I'm using my TouchPad exclusively for browsing this week in regards to times when I'd use a Tablet, but already after a Day I've been missing the iPad2 as there's few sites I go to that the notion of Flash really benefits me but the lack of gestures affects me all the time. Granted, perhaps there' patches for that, I haven't had a chance to check preware out yet.

    The $99 or $150 for the TouchPad's is an insanely good price and the best tablet on the market FOR THE PRICE that it costs. For the average joe consumer it will do everything they could want a tablet to do. That doesn't mean its flawless, heavens no. However, for that price none of the flaws are extreme enough to warrant forgoing it. The TouchPad was overpriced at $500, but its significantly underpriced at $99 making it a heck of a steal and a buy. This author is an *****.
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