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    "When you're number one in the world, what do you do next? Quit, of course"

    "At least that seems to be Hewlett-Packard's strategy. The number one maker of personal computers in the world is proposing to throw in the towel and focus on primarily being a services company. That's right. It's the technology equivalent of, 'Would you like fries with that, sir?'"

    Read more: HP Stumbles As American Tech Moves Toward Services |
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    Prediction: There will be people who will agree with the sentiment of the article, right up until they see the source.
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    ^^^^ rofl
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    Ah, Fox News. Considering they're also saying that webOS is just a renamed PalmOS, definitely a trustworthy news source with well-informed journalists who totally know what they're talking about.

    Also, President Osama... oooops that was totally a slip of my tongue! It just slips about a few times a day. And only on that one guy's name. But it's cool because he's not a very newsworthy person.

    @ angiest
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    Regardless of the source, you gotta love those opening two lines.

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