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    Check it out:
    Dear HP: Please Keep Making Those CrunchPads! Er…TouchPads - The Washington Post


    "HP certainly canít spend $318 to build a TouchPad and then sell it for $100. But HP (or someone) could build a perfectly awesome capacitive touch screen tablet running on decent hardware for less than $200. We worked with enough factories in Taiwan to understand that. Our cost estimate for a great touch screen was in the $60 range, for both the module and the LCD. HPís super awesome display is costing them more than twice that. Theyíre also spending $50 on memory, something we were mostly leaving out (storage? Cloud.)."
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    that would be the smart, dynamic and awesome thing to do!!...but we are dealing with HP here...just like an athlete past their prime, they are to old and slow to take advantage of this opportunity....

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