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    i just upgraded from a crappy cell phone + platinum to a treo 300. pretty much an amazing experience!

    i'm wondering if there's a keyboard hack available to invert the functionality of the "Up-Slash/Home" key? (so a single press gets you Home, and a blue-press gets you the dropdown menu)

    i have Buttons-T and have looked at TreoButtons, but they don't seem to address keys other than the four hardkeys.

    any thoughts/help appreciated!

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    I don't know of a hack that will reverse the functions, but many launcher hacks can make it easier to get to the Launcher screen. With Button Manager (shareware from PalmGear) you can doublepress your memo button to bring up the launcher. There are other launcher hacks that allow you to hold down a button to bring up the launcher screen.

    And the easiest way is to pick your least used hardware button and change it to launch the launcher in Button Prefs.
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    I don't know if you can change that functionality. I definitely use menus enough to justify having a dedicated menu key. In fact, I find myself using the keyboard more and more, and not tapping on the screen as often.

    Before, with Visor Edge, I tapped on the top part of the screen to bring up the menu, and then used the stylus to point to the menu item I needed. But now, using the menu key and the scroll buttons, I navigate through menus like a whiz without touching the stylus.

    Of course, it might be helped by the fact that a few weeks ago, I dropped my Treo, the stylus wiggled out unbeknowst to me, and now it sits on a street corner somewhere in the Mission district of San Francisco.

    I have a lovely orange Visor Deluxe stylus sticking out the top of my Treo now. By the way, Visor Deluxe styli do fit in the Treo hole. This I am glad of.

    Anyway, back to the topic. I re-mapped the Blazer button to the launcher screen, and using Buttons-T, re-mapped the Option+ Blazer button to Blazer. (I don't use CityTime). I think this is a farily common configuration.
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    I use PowerJog.

    To get Home:
    Press the Jogdial
    Select Home
    Press the Jogdail

    To drop down Menu:
    Press the Jogdial
    Select Menu
    Press the Jogdail

    Hey presto
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    I too thought this would be difficult.

    It is not.

    Just go to Prefs.
    Go to Buttons from the pull down menu on the top right.
    On the button of your choice, I use the far left one since this is kind of like the Visor home key area, choose Applications, and it goes to the home screen.

    Try this.
    Jeff Schaffer

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