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    Scanned the android forums a little and I have to say I've been spoiled by the visor/treo/pre - central community this last almost a decade. I've always been more of a lurker and occasional poster, but this community has been one of the highlights of being a Handspring/Palm user. If/when I make the switch to android (absolutely will not go to iOS and I'm afraid blackberry is not all that far behind webOS on its way down) I will definitely miss this community.

    I'll grant that what I read was a small sample size on the android forums, but it was pretty much enough to make me decide I don't want to be a part of that community. The attitude was frankly unbelievable! Precentral has had more than its share of trolls lately, but the forums have still kept the general neighborhood feeling that has made this one of my favorite corners of cyberspace. That is definitely not the feeling I got browsing the android forums, particularly with regard to people looking a switching from webOS to android. It just did not strike me as a fun, uplifting community like this and not a place I would want to invest my time. On top of that, I don't think I could take seeing that stupid looking wannabe hip hop/gangsta version of the android robot on their front page.

    Oh well....

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    FWIW a lot of us got warm welcomes at AC.

    Just wish I could find a way to love Android.
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    this community isn't going away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    this community isn't going away.
    Yeah, but even though I'm still hoping for licensee announcements, if webOS is really going to die, the community won't go away in just the same way a city doesn't go away when all of its inhabitants are gone.
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    As a recent (like yesterday) android phone owner coming from a pre-, I will still check out PreCentral because of my TouchPad!
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    Android central has a lot of great members that are really helpful. It's a little more segregated do to many different devices. I like android central and hope you might choose to reconsider in the future. I am an original pre owner who switched to the EVO do to hardware failure. I've received some nice tips from users helping make the transition much nicer. Pre Central has a great user base and is a smaller community I enjoy both sites maybe in time you can as well gargoylejps. Thanks

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