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    Does anyone know if the Treo 270 can support additional memory? I am trying to create a cable or additional pack for the treo where I can add memory for it. Does the existing hardware/software support this? Do you know where I could find out?
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    Interesting idea. There are several USB memory "keys" on the market. Since the Treo connects via USB, I wonder if a cable/driver would be available to do this. Several companies made plug in memory for the Palm III series via the hotsync connector (FlashPlug, MemSafe). Perhaps one of these companies might be pursuaded to convert their hardware to make it Treo compatable.

    Another way to "expand" memory would be to be able to download applications wirelessly. There used to be a website that let one do this, but it appears to be out of business. Handera lets you do this to a limited extent.
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    Found the website for that flashplug you mentioned. For anyone that may want to know.

    It's in English if you are wondering.
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    Check out this site also for great discussions on all pdaphones.

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