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    Perhaps someone else has said it - and will likely say it better than me...

    In the last 48 hours, it's dawned on me that Tech Blogs (or rather the entire tech journalism sector) must be painfully out of touch. I've read a lot of articles recently about how the touchpad at $99 dollars isn't a steal. Or how these deals are solely being gobbled up by webos fans, or people with the intent of porting a version of android to the TP.

    The pithy points, and confusion abound. The touchpad is going to kill tablets! Kill RIM! Kill Android tabs! It. doesn't. make. sense.

    I grew up tight to my windows box in high school, crunching C and HTML as a hobby...I rolled around on [H]ard|OCP in those days...and i guess when you spend a lot of time with like minded individuals, you tend to lose perspective on things as they relate to the world at large.

    It took me a quick minute, during my first week of college, to realize that a day was coming when a computer - for the general population - would be nothing more than an internet terminal, word processor, and a glorified jukebox. At the time, in 2000, it hit me like a ton of bricks - but now it seems a ****ing clearer than day itself.

    And so I don't understand how anyone thinks there's even a demand for a market-priced tablet to begin with? Why would anyone want to pay $500 dollars for a machine that does exactly what their laptop does? Or what their phone does in a slightly smaller manner? The average consumer is here to check facebook, and post ******** comments on the website of their local news. The internet and music/movies is THE APP - all others are fluff. No one wants to pay $500 for the right to play Words With Friends, or Angry birds.

    I think this is the lesson everyone should be taking from HP: There IS NO REAL MARKET for tablets. Don't misunderstand me, there will always be the niche breed of us who want to feel cutting edge - but the general population will be damned will never be sold on a product they don't NEED, until the price is too good to pass up.

    Consumers aren't geeks - but consumers aren't ****in' stupid either. They're not buying this because someone's gonna try to put android on it, and they're not buying it because they think a world of iPad apps await them.

    They see the touchpad as a $100 jukebox/facebook terminal/digital photo-frame/angrybirds arcade. Which it is. And all tablets are. And *that* is worth $100 dollars.


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