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In closing, my perfect world from now, considering the results of the firesale, and Apotheker's vision would be for Samsung to sign an agreement with HP and then have an announcement around Halloween for a new webOS tablet and entry level phone, or two, for sale around Thanksgiving. The tablet should be priced around $199 - $250 and the phones ideally would be free with 2 year contract, but really must be $99 or less. If you're going to gain a foothold in the market, it would be with volume. These wouldn't be higher end devices, but rather solid entry level devices making the most of what has already been done by both Samsung and HP. Next year they could come out with a high end phone that is a true product of the partnership.


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I has been posted in other threads and it makes sense that HP's fire sale of TouchPads and canceling of future smartphone launches might be part of a webOS licensing ageement being negotiated with a major mobile tech manufacturer.

I agree with both of you and I strongly think the TouchPad was killed as part of a licensing agreement...but I'm a glass half full kind of guy.

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