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    thanks, Leo. The steaming turf you laid cost your stockholders 25% of their stock value.

    But, the ensuing goat Romeo from $99 touchpad fire sales caused the PreCentral forums to blow through the 2 year old record of ~7,100 simultaneous visitors... Amd set a new record of more than 8,000 !

    Thanks for making that possible, Leo.
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    "'Form follows function' that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
    Frank Lloyd Wright
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    except the site might now die... Samsung is going to have a hard time convincing people to pay 500 for the device now. (assuming Samsung was going to license webOS)
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    Just found this interesting.

    Currently their are ruffly 770+ users online and 9800+ guest viewing the forums.

    Think about that for a min. A record setting night!
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    I think we know why.
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    The great Leo Apotheker! Without him none of this would be possible
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    The glass is half full! :-D Cheers to Pre-Central.

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