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    Given the scary numbers - a $1.5Bn purchase of Palm, a further $1Bn on the Touchpad development and now an estimated $1Bn for HP to wind down the WebOS thing I can't help wondering if HP have told us the real truth over the demise of the WebOS devices.

    1) The rather lame excuse re Apple and Android vs market share doesn't wash - as market dominance isn't a commercial objective - prrofitable trading is. HP get serious competition in the Printer market - they haven't quit there because Canon have comparable or better printers or Lexmark are cheaper have they?

    2) I'm really beginning to wonder if the real reason is something to do with Patent rights and HP are closing the WebOS business down because they are faced with a legal case that can realistically only go one way?

    Such a notion isn't so crazy - the fruit company have managed to stop Samsung selling Galaxy 10.1 devices in most of Europe and most of the other major suppliers are squabbling over patent rights too.

    HP is a public, quoted company and responsible to shareholders - no leadership team in their right mind would shut a business down overnight with a $3.5bn investment virtually written off in the same fiscal year as the product launch - multiple executive career suicide. Behind the scenes there was a full R&D process rolling and a complex supply chain - 64Gb hardware and 4G, supplier contracts to be cancelled and penalties paid - just doesn't stack up does it?

    I'd wager that something significant has happened at HP and they need to be out of the Tablet market.
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    ^ Sound reasonable to me. Seems the two together would be the total picture. Because if they thought they could dominate and afford the patent cases then I don't think those would have been enough to scare them away. But being an under dog I don't think they could battle the rest in court.

    Just read this too:

    Quote Originally Posted by iowahawk19 View Post
    So this should be taken with a grain of salt. I was not in this meeting. Everything I'm writing is 3rd party.

    One of my former students works for BB. They were scheduled to have a TP training this am that got changed to a future of webOS meeting by HP.

    The HP rep told BB employees that the TP hardware was holding back the performance of webOS. HP knew this and has been in talks with both HTC and Samsung. He mentioned Samsung an HTC being upset with Google and that they were both interested in making webOS phone and tablets. He noted HTC's contract with Beats Audio.

    The HP rep said the 'fire sale' was not the original plan but that losses are being considered advertising expenses. "Once you use webOS we believe you won't want to use anything else." Estimated 2 million TP would sell in the 'fire sale.'

    The HP rep was very optimistic. He left saying watch for an announcement within the next two weeks about a hardware partner. Possibly both HTC and Samsung.

    The Best Buy employees all left 'excited' about webOS's future feeling like they were in the mist of something very big!

    Just telling you what I've heard. Hope its true. I'm not trying to sell false hope here.

    It should be noted that the meeting lasted 6 hours!
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    Something significant *has* happened. They got yet another CEO with Grand New Strategies (3rd joker in a row - poor HP).

    This has nothing to do with patent litigation. And Apple doesn't have an unassailable position. They are far from winning any case against Samsung. For the moment they are just causing some trouble - and that might be all that Apple is after - spreading FUD against Android.

    Patent cases almost never finish in court. Most of these tech patents are BS anyway. They are given out like Halloween candy by the incompetent USPTO.
    Patent cases (between big companies) tend to end with some licencing deal.

    BTW - Apples injunction vs Samsung just suffered a bit by Apple photoshopping "evidence".

    The whole consumer hardware biz is cut-throat and low margin. HP is unhappy about the margins so last year they decided to be like Apple and go for high-margin products. But then the CEO changed and now the new cunning plan is to get rid of consumer hardware and be like IBM.
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