Well, I've searched through all the threads and can't find an answer to my problem, so either I'm the only one who has it, or there's no solution.

I have a 270 and have GPRS service from Cingular and have loaded the PQA software from golddave.com (thanks for the great site, DAve) and most of my PQA programs work OK. However, there are a couple which look for the device ID each time I sign on, and apparently there is either no ID from the Treo or the program can't see it. Either way, I'm not able to access a couple of very valuable programs. Both are paid sites, so not only am I unable to access them, but I've spent good money in order to do so.

I previously had a Kyocera 6035 on Verizon which accepted PQA's and provided an ID, so I'm wondering why Treo couldn't do the same. Does anyone know if it is possible to have the Treo provide a proper ID, or if there is a hack which can do the same thing? Any help/advice would be appreciated. Oh yes, if anyone from Handspring is monitoring this board, let me know why the Treo doesn't have this capability.

Thanks in advance.