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    This is really beginning to bug me. Now that SMS is working, I get at least a dozen “junk SMS” per day; advertising loans, drugs, etc. Last week when my SMS wasn’t working, I tried a test message in, I hope they didn’t give my number to spammers, but in the future I’d be real cautious who I gave my number to. Any suggestions on how to end these junk messages or just ignore them? Also, most of my messages say “No Caller ID” in the title, and a message “Attachment: text/html”…but no way to retrieve it. Is this normal? Will TreoSMS allowed me to access the attachment? (which is probably more spam, so I’m better off without it)
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    Hrrm, I've had SMS on my Treo 180 since early this year. Never received spam. And I've been pretty liberal about whom I give my mobile number/SMS email number to. But it's a distinct possibility I haven't ruled out.

    The bugger is, with Cingular, they charge you on a per-message basis, regardless of whether an incoming message was solicited or not.

    So -- spammers can send me crap I don't want, PLUS I get charged $.10 per message for them to send it to me. Looks like my fears are coming to fruition with your experience.

    Anybody else had this problem?

    What can be done about it?

    For one thing, I'd recommend Cingular start offering unlimited SMS messages for a *reasonable* flat fee.
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    I am with Sprint and I have never received any spam SMS. That is very disturbing. Especially if you have to *pay* for them! I would go to the source (Cingular) and demand an explanation and a solution. They are the ones allowing the spam to get through their system and they are the ones I would hold accountable.
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    Sorry, just wanted to clarify. I'm with Cingular and have never received spam.

    But it is a theoretical possibility.

    So I could be gettin' my panties in a knot over nothing. Won't pursue until the theoretical becomes the actual.

    But, as for TxtMsg possibly being the culprit? Here is info from the's "Service Agreement":
    In addition to the services set forth above, CUSTOMER shall receive messages on the first (1st) and fifteenth (15th) of each month sent by one or more "sponsors" of TXTMSG. Any advertisements sent on the first (1st) and fifteenth (15th) of the month by a TXTMSG sponsor shall contain the phrase "sent by TXTMSG.COM".
    And then:

    It is TXTMSG's policy that said "Personal Data" shall be maintained as confidential information by TXTMSG and that there will be no dissemination of said information to any third party without CUSTOMER's consent. TXTMSG does not sell its customer base to any third party.
    Bottom line? It may not be TxtMsg who's spamming you. Or if they are, they're going against everything in their service agreement. Which I doubt.
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    Fortunately, I'm on Sprint so I don't have a per message charge (or do I?). Here's 3 examples of the "junk SMS" I received today (some are truncated due to their length):

    "Don't Type.... Just Talk!
    Dragon's Naturally Speaking 5.0 Preferred Software
    lets you TALK to your computer!
    Do you t"

    "Use the LifeHammer"

    " offers a full line of prescription drugs may help you achieve the look that you want. Feel fitter and"

    It's almost enough to make me return the Treo (I'm still in the 14 day trial).
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    I use SMS extensively (T-Mobile) and have never recevied spam. If you're in the 14 day trial, you might want to try an "administrative return", ie have them cancel and reissue your service or your cell phone number. This would probably eliminate the issue. I had a ATT cellphone that I started getting ATT spam message (on a regular old cellphone). I called them and flipped out on them for sending the messages. SOunds to me like you put your phone no on a list and are paying for it. If I had to bet my paycheck, it was that txtmsg site you used. Good Luck !

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