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    Take it for whatever it's worth but someone claiming to work on the webOS team is doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. There might be some interesting stuff here.

    I''m working in a team that is for sure getting the axe in the next couple days. The announcement yesterday took everybody in the department by surprise. Obviously we all knew we were on a sinking ship, but the timing was incredibly surprising. Basically everyone is here, working on their resume, calling their contacts, and ultimately waiting for the news of when we're gone.
    I'd like to not give away my identity, but other than that I'll answer most anything
    IAMA HP Web OS Employee AMAA : IAmA
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    The most amazing things?

    amaathrowaway comments on IAMA HP Web OS Employee AMAA

    The hardware specs are chosen mostly by executives and marketing. The engineers don't have much of a say in it at all. The touch pad was actually being developed on the HP side before the acquisition. I was with Palm before so we weren't involved with the tablet side of operations.
    Yes it's the same process for phones. Not sure why it works this way, but it's the same model most everywhere.
    amaathrowaway comments on IAMA HP Web OS Employee AMAA
    The biggest problem was having products canceled. We had multiple phones coming out that were incredibly close to production, they got canceled. They were canceled for a number of reasons, but mostly because we weren't hitting deadlines and didn't have any carrier support. We started in a bigger hole than most people know because the carriers were always skeptical of our new products.
    There are a lot of reasons for the delays. Some come from missing software deadlines, some come from carriers, and some come from hardware reliability issues.

    The design was nice. I would have bought it if it came out a year ago, but the hardware is too dated now. The phone looks nice, but the experience is just as bad as every other phone we've put out.

    We had a phone that was months away from being released before it got canceled at the end of last year. It looked awesome. I would have bought it in a heart beat. Sadly we missed too many deadlines and the carriers didn't want it anymore.
    WOW, just wow.

    So HP forced the crappy Touchpad hardware on the Palm team (and on WebOS) and the reason they took so long to release phones is they missed deadlines over and over!
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    It's pretty heartbreaking to think that the Palm team was working on great handsets that were ultimately scrapped and replaced by the Veer and Pre 3.

    Everything seems to paint a picture of HP intentionally sending Palm out to die.
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    wow looks like they were making crap phones
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    wow this is what happened then to our slab phone

    best thing is if someone buys the whole thing from them. Just about anyone would have done a better job.
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    It makes you wonder exactly how far back HP decided to kill off Palm, doesn't it? Everything this person is revealing makes it sound like HP was just giving Palm enough rope and hoping they'd be incompetent enough to hang themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberprashant View Post
    Sigh. Yeah, I really, really wanted that slab phone. But apparently they kept missing deadlines to release it until carriers finally said it was too late and they didn't want it anymore.
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    I actually think someone will rescue us, not straight away but I think HTC/Samsung or someone will actually get webOS onto a device. Not holding my breath though.
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    People, take it with some salt.
    1. This AMA is unverified.
    2. This person claims that the Pre 3 will never be seen in the wild. Untrue: several members here already have theirs.
    3. He consistently spells it "Web OS" - who on the Palm team would do that?
    4. There are 3 different accounts that answer the questions. None of them verified and I don't see the OP say that he uses another account anywhere. Remember, anyone can very quickly make an account there and post anything.

    I remain skeptical.
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    This WebOS boat just got a whole lot lighter! Quick abandon ship!! 'Kidding'

    This is all truly disheartening tho... I really hope WebOS does not go completely under. But there was a bit of truth there... who really is going to want to license WebOS??
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    I also have some doubts on his words, esp

    "My industry is pretty small, so everyone knows everyone."

    I don't think so.

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