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    Guys and girls please, its not the end of the world, so far we know that Hp is not making devices. Thats all we know. WebOS is still alive and will continue to work. This might be a great thing, do not panic (yet). for now we know that developers wil make lots of money from all this new touch pads sold. Im glad for them.
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    It's all part of the normal grief reaction. There has to be people that didn't care about the app catalog size, and felt that it did all that they wanted just the way it was, used it as a full time laptop replacement for weeks, etc. It's not like their devices just up and died. Plus there had to have been some people that realized the state webOS was in and knew that it was a risk buying a new touchpad, waiting for a new phone, etc. Come on, now.

    Anyways, the grief reaction:

    1. Denial about how well webOS was doing: that's been going on for a while. Read threads about sales data and see how deep the denial runs. There's also ridiculous front page news.

    2. Anger

    3. Bargaining: I expect increased talk about licensing out webOS to other companies, possible future HP acquisitions, etc.

    Depression and acceptance have yet to come.
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    as crazy as it may sound, HP's move may benefit webOS
    with the success of the iPad and the profusion of wannabes from other manufacturers, HP's TouchPad had difficulty gaining any market share
    Rather than going the way of the BetaMax, HP is having a fire sale & hopefully will build a large user base which will promote app developers and encourage hardware manufacturers to build devices that use webOS
    the key to success is in keeping the system as open as possible, which harnesses the power of the Internet
    HP's move, while perhaps foolish, may prove a blessing in disguise
    I just showed my TP to an iPad & Kindle user who will get one of the discounted models in the HP store
    the 16 GB TP is selling for less now than they paid for a Kindle device!
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    pretty sure it's not a blessing in disguise
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    So HP blowing out the couple of hundred thousand units sitting in inventory at retailers around the country by selling product at hundreds of dollars under cost is going to induce developers to make apps for a platform without any hardware and a completely uncertain future, and other manufacturers to decide to make devices that they too may one day have to sell at hundreds of dollars under cost?

    I don't really follow that reasoning.

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    There's a slight argument that they have a captive audience of a couple hundred thousand people who have no one else to buy from. But since that's likely a couple hundred thousand tightwads, those apps better be pretty awesome.
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    There are also not as many competing apps. For example if there were only one Twitter app and you were that developer, you would be in great shape with this move.

    Now of course there are many Twitter apps, but what about Glimpse or something like that. Could be a pretty big win to have a bunch of new potential buyers out there. It's better than having just a couple.

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