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    Well the good news is I no longer have to switch from SPRINT to another carrier so I can stay on WebOS.

    So - assuming Sprint - what Android Phone will you be buying now that that there are no more WebOS options?

    Personally I'm looking into the new Samsung Touch 4G (September-ish).

    Unfortunately I have been off contract on my Pre- for some time and it is on it's last legs.

    Kills me to have to dump WebOS and I still love the logistics of the Pre (portrait keyboard, smooth feel, pocket friendly... and of course hate leaving WebOS.

    But it is time.

    One other member mentioned that while the Android experience isn't as good as WebOS, being able to actually have decent apps available, and decent hardware DOES help quite a bit.
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    Personally, I want to wait and see Ice Cream Sandwich (and WP7 Mango) phones before I switch, so I'm hoping my current Pre can last long enough.

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