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    All the attention thus far has been on HP selling the PSG to someone (Samsung, HTC, etc); however, they also mentioned the possibility of spinning off the PSG into another company. This is probably the less likely scenario, but I do think it would be a very interesting scenario, depending on who went to the new company. Especially given the way things were handled, I could certainly imagine Todd Bradley wanting to show Leo exactly what he walked away from. Additionally, while I might not put a big bet on a stand alone PSG, if Bradley was the CEO and Rubenstein was the operations officer, I wouldn't bet against them. Also remember, while this new company wouldn't be as big as HP is now, it would still be a pretty large tech company with something like 10X the market cap of the old Palm.


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    doesn't sound that unlikely. PSG is just too big for most companies to swallow up.

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