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    2 months ago, maybe even 2 weeks ago, I would have viewed HP's announcement as a certain death knell for webOS. Admittedly, it may still prove to be just that. However, ironically, it may well be Google which provides the lifeline to keep webOS alive. (I also find it somewhat ironic that, in retrospect, the biggest harm to webOS likely was Mark Hurd leaving and Leo Apotheker taking over HP.) With Google buying Motorola's mobile unit, several handset manufacturers are certainly looking over their shoulders thinking their Android lines will constantly be second class citizens to Google's own hardware, whether this is in fact the case or not. Right now, I'll take whatever lifeline is available, but I do find a good bit of irony in the fact Google and Android may have thrown webOS the biggest lifeline.

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    Yeah, I really like the timing of this myself. It's almost like Google just gave HTC and Samsung a reason to be more interested in webOS. Thanks Google!

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