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    Greetings fellow Aussie Treo owners (and any Americans who are reading this and couldn't resist :-)

    Two things:

    1) Do you know of any stores in Australia (preferably Sydney) which stock Treo accessories? Specifically cases, chargers and stylii. I have only found stores like Telstra shops or Harvey Norman who say "yeah, we can get some in for you" but then expect me to pay for it sight-unseen.

    Otherwise I am forced to import from the US and with our dollar this is NOT attractive at all.

    2) I am on Optus. They charge a 22c flagfall for connections to GPRS (which they terminate after one hour of inactivity). This, together with the 3.3c per kilobyte is yet another critical blow to any chance of this service taking off down under. I noticed however a setting in the Preferences menu of the Network preferences section with the option "Connect to the data network whenver wireless mode is powered on". This was turned ON by default.

    I haven't received my first bill post-GPRS yet so don't know for sure, but suspect I was being charged by Optus every time I turned my phone on (and it connected) and possibly even after it dropped out and reconnected.

    I would advise people to watch out for this and shall let you know what happens when I get my bill (I have turned it off and know how many times I 'deliberately' connected at approximately $33 per megabyte!)
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    G'day from Melbourne

    In Melbourne there a couple of Palm shops and they stock minor stuff. They have an online ordering system too.

    Organiser World Calculator King
    Calculations Pty Ltd
    435 Bourke St Melbourne VIC 3000
    Ph: (03) 9670 6412
    (Don't know web site if any)

    The 1st one seems to have a handful of accessories.

    I'm with Optus too and was considering using this service. I'll be interested to see how your bill stacks up too.
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    1) I have seen Treo accessories in a few places in Sydney

    Downtown Duty Free - Strand Arcade (also sell non duty free)
    Harris Technology - North Ryde - also good for mail order

    2) Also with GPRS, I guess you are the guy in the Treo 270 forum with Optus.

    I'm with Telstra, first month on GPRS is free unlimited then 22c connection and 2.2c per kilobyte.

    Which GPRS upgrade did you download and install?
    I'm waiting for an official Australian GPRS which I was told by the local distributor should be available from their website next week.

    I haven't connected to GPRS but am planning to first week of December

    Thanks for the tip about automatically connecting GPRS I will set before installing GPRS

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    Thanks Brad.

    The GPRS upgrade I installed came from the Handspring website ( - duh :-).

    The file in question had a warning to North American users NOT to install it. As (at least the last time I checked) I was not in North America, I downloaded and ran it.

    Part of the upgrade process involves the Windows installer checking against a database for network specific configuration data. Evidently it found information about Optus as the upgrade went ahead. Being on Telstra your mileage may vary however I would take the lack of caveats about Australia to mean implicitly that the upgrade is for us too. Certainly if your network supports GPRS you should give it a go. There have been no adverse effects that I am aware of although I did it pretty much the same day I got my Treo so it's difficult to tell the difference... I guess it works, so Bob's your uncle...

    I must say I am a little disappointed with the battery life. I know comparisons are like asking "how long is a piece of string" but I am generally just getting a day out of it and that's it... When my car charger arrives I am sure I'll be fine. Ten minutes of juice here and there should take care of it. What has your experience been?

    Regarding accessories, I got fed up with local dealers (and their prices) and ended up importing. See for the car/USB charger/Hotsync cable (ended up paying US$25 including shipping) and a leather case which arrived today. I am very happy with the leather (she charged me US$10 for shipping but I could see only $5 postage on the box so you may be able to negotiate).

    I know car chargers etc. will eventually be sold by aftermarket resellers here but at the moment they are asking >$70 for this stuff so importing it hurt, but not that much... I remember when aftermarket Nokia earpieces were >$60 and are now $2 in some places...

    I will have a look at the sites you mentioned as I have a feeling I will be needing some replacement stylii at some point.

    If you want to contact me directly, you mauy email me at (note that email address WILL self-destruct, is an EXCELLENT resource). If your response would benefit others though, here is just as good.

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