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    "Still, not everyone believes that HP was right to cut its losses. Investors apparently don’t and neither does Sarah Rotman Epps, a consumer analyst with Forrester Research. “HP withdrew itself from the post-PC competition before it even got started,” she says. “The reality is they didn’t try very hard.”

    HP Stock Price Falls 23% to Six-Year Low

    I love that investors are taking HP to the woodshed over their decision.
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    I wonder if these events could bring a new possibility into the fold of WebOS future options, the board of directors quickly fires Leo and installs somebody with a sense of how to leverage HP's scale and scope to the greatest advantage. Maybe Bradley?

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    HP has not done well at all since they brought Leo on board. I can't imagine the BOD is too terribly happy right now.
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    Their stock has dropped by more than 50% if I read things correctly. It was trading at at nearly 49.00 on 2/15 and now it is at less than 24.00.

    how bout a site??
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    Honestly, strictly from a staff management perspective, you do not do what Leo just did. How can any employees at HP have any faith in what their leaders say now? It's sort of like, as a manager, if you fire somebody and that person was not well aware they were about to be fired, then you did not do your job.


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