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    One must ask themselves, How long does it take to put together a 10 billion dollar deal? 1 Day? 2 days? 6 Weeks? 6 Months? I would humbly suggest, that this "deal" has been in the can for some time. This means the whole launch of the TP, the delays of the Pre 3 until "this fall" was all part of the plan.

    Unless Webos and its actual product line are spun off as well to the "new" PC company, which I somehow doubt will happen, This whole release was nothing but one giant cash grab that backfired in HP's face.
    I would be willing to bet, the weak sales of the TP, just happened to fall in to their hands as a positive. Even if the sales had of been huge, HP would have divested themselves of this and other hardware lines. The only difference would have been Web OS the TP and possibly the Pre 3 would have ended up in the PC division.
    Questions have been asked about the HP servers being around, my bet, they will be gone far sooner than later. Developers, well the few that are still around are already gone. The big give away to the developers was just a way to get rid of stock. Cost of doing business.

    Well HP, you have done us a disservice, and really, the threats from people in here to "Never buy a HP product again", frankly people HP does not care. They wont be selling the stuff, so you are not going to hurt them one bit.

    I will ask again, just how long does it take to put together a 10 Billion dollar deal? A lot longer than 6 weeks is my answer.
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    I somehow wouldn't doubt it. Their head guy made a slip up saying he wasn't in it for the phone business. They wanted the software all along and half heartedly did the hardware for it.

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