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    "It's a marathon not a sprint" - but we forgot our running shoes and can't compete.

    "We will be doubling down" - on failure.

    "HP has the scale and the leverage to pull this off" - wait, WebOS isn't a printer operating system?

    ""HP will stop making announcements for stuff it doesn't have. When HP makes announcements, it will be getting ready to ship" - then we will make the products EOL two days after they launch.

    "I hope one day people will say 'this is as cool as HP', not 'as cool as Apple' - this crack sure is moreish.

    "webOS is a "prized asset" - so we've stuck it in the cupboard to keep it safe.
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    You should send those to Leo!!!
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    The "#1 plus" quote.
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    Here a nice one that Stephen DeWitt (SVP & GM, HP webOS global business unit Personal Systems Group) put up on twitter:

    "Its about building new relations thru webOS. $100 off a HP Touchpad is a great deal. We r in this for the long haul!" well I thought so clearly the boss didn't and forgot to tell me
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    "Everybody on" - we need you all in one place when we pull the rug out.
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    How can anyone forget their sales line...

    "Works like nothing else" because no one else is as stupid as us to launch stuff and kill it the next day
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    we want to reward our loyal customer, your favorite touchpad is $50 closer!

    PS. you have to buy 32G only and before end of July
    PS2, we will temporarily lower the price by $100 after this reward program ends
    PS3. ooh, make that permanent.
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    PS4, nah scratch that, we rather stop selling it altogether.
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    The entire Thisismynext Dewitt/Rubinstein interview. It's just gem after gem after gem.

    Stephen: Yeah I really want to stress that. We’re excited as heck about the opportunities around webOS, and so are our 300k employees, our 110k commercial VARs and integrators, our 13k retail partners… we got a lot of people excited about the potential of webOS, but we also know we have a lot of work to do.
    Stephen: All focus is on webOS because that is the crown jewel. It is the crown jewel that brings the magic to these devices, and it will be the crown jewel that we leverage as we go forward. So putting the webOS name in a prominent place is just indicitave of the passion and the focus we have on building that platform.
    Stephen: Oh yeah Josh. Look, we’re committed to working super hard at this. We’ve got a lot of passion for this business, we’ve got a great engineering team, I think we’ve taken a lot of steps to make sure the resourcing and the alignment around the company is all there. Our hearts and minds are into it. We’re going to work extremely hard to win that position in the market.
    We’re going to have lots and lots of conversations, but right now I want to be outrageously clear: our focus is on what we’re building, and what we’re going to mature the webOS platform. To bring the kind of cool and meaningful innovations that matter going forward — that differentiate us from the rest of the world. That’s our biggest priority.
    Jon: Well, it’s a 4G version. It’s a different product. And you know what? It shows you how fast we’re going to innovate moving forward. You should expect a steady stream of interesting products coming out of here. We’ve been working on them the past year, and we’re going to keep driving them going forward. This is something you should expect, and we’re going to keep giving customers a choice of what they want to get, and you know, keep adding value to the product line.
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    Reading this now, this is so, so sad.
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    HP Touchpad: Dies like nothing else.
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    Just think of the line of bull Leo is giving the shareholders today? I wonder if any of them are dumb enough to believe him.

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    the greatest one of all-time:

    "In The Coming Months"
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    It was either Bradley or Dewitt (or both in one way or another) commenting on how July 1 was just the "soft launch" of the Touchpad and how July 17th was the "real launch". Quoting Jon Lovitz...."Yea, that's the ticket...".

    I've never seen such a corporate debacle. To be a fly on the wall/HP internal e-mail servers the last month or two. Credibility=zero.
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