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    You can't help but notice some similarities between webOS and the way the Amiga panned out. They both were way ahead of their time but had hardware which upon release was always one step behind, and both lacked industry standard applications. The two platforms also both had a hardcore fan following filling in the gaps in commercial software.

    So the point of this post? Well, a hardcore userbase still keeps the Amiga going on modern hardware so don't assume that webOS will vanish overnight, additionally don't expect any future owners of the platform to bring it to the forefront again; webOS has lost and that has nothing to do with the technology but is wholly done to poor marketing.
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    I did. Have two now. Also had 3DO and Saturn.
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    I'm also an old Amigan Feels VERY familiar indeed.
    I was also a BeOS fan, which went a similar route (even more on a sideline), which ironically was killed by Palm

    But I don't want my gadgets to be something exotic with just a select set of developers behind it. So I guess I will change platforms when the Touchpad momentum has died completely.

    So Ruby is the Jim Collas (Gateway) of webOS
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    I had an A500(Pre-) and then an A1200(Pre2).

    Wasn't there an A500+(Pre+)

    Did anyone buy the CD32 (Touchpad??)
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    Fellow Amigan here... still have a couple units around... have a CD32 as well. Bad management killed that company also.
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    I had a 500 and 1200. I had a 68060 in my 1200 before I sold it. Good memories...
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    Ha ha. Amiga here too. And 3D0. Pre3 is HP's M2 (anyone remember that?)
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    Was great to see your post...I'd been thinking the exact same thing from my Amiga 2000 days...

    passionate user power way ahead of it's competitors....and yet it became the underdog...

    If you think back to that time Apple and Commodore were probably in a similar position...and yet look at the different outcomes...

    Marketing students should use this and now iOS vs Webos as text book examples of what to do and what not to do...

    Of the 3 devices HP announced back in February it seems clear that the one most wanted by the public was the Pre 3...and yet the only one they didn't launch was the Pre just seems common sense...and yet they went with the Veer and an iPad 1 clone...and left the Pre 3 in the cold....

    It really does seem a tale of Amiga all over again...
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    Video Toaster for me
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    I remember it being very popular. I probably had as many games for it as exist for the Touchpad. I know it became the underdog when the PC and games consoles stole it's thunder but it had some years in the sun first.

    As well as the Amiga I also had a ZX81, a Dragon32 and ...wait for it....a Amstrad CPW512 (utter rubbish, but at least it could do document editing).
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    Had an amiga, still have one in the garage. Had a video toaster set up.

    I think there are similarities, but also differences. I don't think the Amiga had bad hardware. On the contrary the hardware of the Amiga is what made it so amazing. They were years ahead on hardware design. They started the whole Chipset thing with their OCS (original chipset). AmigaOS was spot on as well. What ultimatly killed Amiga was Commodore's mis-management.

    I first learned about Amiga's in 1994; long after Commodore's death. And I remember building my first Toaster system with Genlock after that because of how much faster the Amiga still was then PC's when it came to 3D modeling and video editing. (btw, did anyone else here upgrade the original Agnus from an A2000 to a fat agnus, and upgrade Denise to Super Denise. Those were the last mods I had done on my A2000 before it was retired to the garage.)

    The similarity here is HP's mismanagement is killing webOS, if it has not done so already.
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    I may have to go dig out that old Amiga...

    Check these out:
    Commodore USA

    and best of all... looks like there is now an amiga tablet:
    Amiga, Inc.

    EDIT - nevermind the 'amiga' tablets are just Driod tablets...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fizban_tx View Post
    (btw, did anyone else here upgrade the original Agnus from an A2000 to a fat agnus, and upgrade Denise to Super Denise.
    Wow, there was a time when I knew what those things were. And we didn't even have the internet. I did have about 3 daisy chained floppy drives so I could play Monkey Island 2 without RSI.

    Alas, this nostalgia's not what it used to be you know.
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    Oh yeah, still have several Amiga's.
    Commodore Pet, Commodore 64&128, Amiga 4000, PC-7, Ubuntu, Treo 650. Treo 755p,Sprint Palm Pre Plus 2.2.4,2 Sprint Pre2 2.2.4, TouchPad 32gig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagster View Post
    Wow, there was a time when I knew what those things were. And we didn't even have the internet. I did have about 3 daisy chained floppy drives so I could play Monkey Island 2 without RSI.

    Alas, this nostalgia's not what it used to be you know.
    I know this is going to show how much of a tech nerd I truly I am. I was doing that (upgrading a an already dead Amiga) in 1994; two years before I even graduated High School...
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    Yes, kind off a Dejavu feeling

    - Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk (Sorry - waiting for TouchPad with 3G)

    Unlocked German O2 Pre- with 2.1.0 and UberKernal
    Bought and activated in Germany by the O2 store
    Manually entered CarrierNetworkSettings for 3 Sweden carrier in 2.1.0 phone preferences (finally working in 2.1.0)
    German App Cataloge including Payed Apps with

    WebOS news from - -
    -Unlocked Pre3 QWERTY from Palm Eurostore
    Activated on German app catalog including Payed Apps with
    -TouchPad from EBay using German app catalog
    German App Cataloge including Payed Apps with
    -HP Veer QWERTZ from MediaMarkt in Germany as backup/tehtering device
    Activated on German app catalog with Impostah including Payed Apps with
    -German O2 Pre- testing 2.2.4 WiFi only profile
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    Still have the Amiga 500... well as an Atari 400.

    Did I just say that out loud?
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    One major difference, the Amiga still soldiers own with some commercial development. Obviously it is a hobbyist platform, but it lives. I don't think there is any hope for a hobbyist platform in the smartphone market.
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    Yupper...Amiga 4000 owner and still have it. It's a shame the money barons for Commodore did have the balls to continue Amiga OS, which for its day rocked! Loved my old system and had some great times on those units.

    Yes it is very similar to HP and webOS, kind of came out of the dark and no one was expecting it. What's interesting is someone (Encom (Escom) and Gateway) tried to buy into the platform and bring it back, but it faltered in less then a year.

    Hopefully webOS doesn't fall from the same plight. Sorli...
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    im still a rabid fan a/w the new AmigaOne X1000 and Hyperion AmigaOS4.2, and yeah masive similarities, esp the insane CEO and Director that bankrupted commodore to suck in more $$.
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