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    Does any one know if there is HTML code to redirect palm users to special pages just for Palm surfing?

    we build a lot of sites for corps and it would be pretty trick to see if we can build a simle mirror site for the palm and general web.
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    Most offer a tandem page designed for better handheld viewing in a /mobile directory. Most AvantGo sites do this.

    You'll also want to include: <meta name="HandheldFriendly" content="true"> I think it helps in finding your site when mobile searching. I just know for sure, it's in the "how to's" of most mobile content conduits.
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    One possible solution would be to look at the browser information. When I access webpages on my web server via Blazer I get the following entry in my web logs (for the browser used):

    UPG1 UP/4.0 (compatible; Blazer 1.0)

    Blazer also operates through a proxy so the request comes from:

    So you could definitely do some sort of server side redirecting based on this stuff.

    Not sure the best way to do it though. definitely does it somehow.


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