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    I'd rather jump ship at this point. I've left my discouraged post left and right on this site. But if we are to take things seriously and HP will lease them then I say we get a kick starter going and atleast put up enough dough to lease the dame OS for a manufacture who will give us a phone we can use and love. There by showing HP how it's done and theoretically taking a (u know wat) in their cheerios.

    Now I nominate the guys here who keep this fine forum running as well as it does to initiate the kick start that way we know it's on the up and up and no one is gonna get robbed. I want to make a poll but I'm not having any luck here.

    Sorry, just realized this shouldn't be in the pre3 section but more general OS.**
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    I'm going to buy Powerball and Mega Millions tickets and hope for the best.
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    $1.2 Billion was the original price. It may be discounted but I still don't think "we" can afford it.
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    I'm sure paying to lease it is less then buying thats why I mentioned it as a more viable option.
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    Is this post really gonna go unnoticed? This idea has got to be in the top five if not ten for workable ideas!

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