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    I'm not a lawyer who specializes in this stuff, but I wonder if a smart lawyer could make an argument that HP has been involved in consumer fraud here, and file a class action suit.

    Here in NJ, for example, the Consumer Fraud Act prohibits:

    The any person of any unconscionable
    commercial practice, deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise,
    misrepresentation, or the knowing, concealment, suppression, or omission of
    any material fact
    with intent that others rely upon such concealment,
    suppression or omission, in connection with the sale ...of any
    merchandise...or with the subsequent performance of such
    person as aforesaid, whether or not any person has in fact been misled,
    deceived or damaged thereby,
    is declared to be an unlawful practice;

    PDF link here:

    If there is something in HP emails or planning that suggests that they were leaning toward cancelling the TouchPad, and they should ignore that fact, etc, I wonder if there's something that might stick. Again, I'm not an expert - just someone who was pretty excited to grab a TP, and was really looking forward to a Pre3 to pair it with, who feels pretty screwed right now.
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    sorry, this is like yelling fire in a movie house with so much hysteria going around

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