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    Sorry but I have to vent for a moment because I love WebOS so much. I'm not going to turn this into an Apple iOS vs. HP WebOS argument but for the love of God - sometimes people wonder why Apple is so successful. Why? Because they don't (generally) do crap like what HP did today. They put in the proper amount of research, testing, polish, features and advertising that will make it a success and stand behind their products. I know it's ultimately about the dollar, but for HP to abandon the hardware so early in the game is astonishing. They own the best mobile operating system out there and still couldn't succeed. Yes, I know sometimes the best format never wins. But come on. This is HP. They're huge. They have the money and the resources. I had a feeling once Rubenstein was repositioned (nice way to put it) that this was going to end badly. This sucks.
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    Apple has has some flops and abandoned some hardware like xserve.

    In regard to the best os, it is the ones still standing and being purchased. It was nothing more than fandom that lead people to believe webos was better.
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    That is the one thing I give props to apple for over the last few years: their stuff comes out missing features, but the features it has work well. I'm seeing a few more missteps recently, especially on the Mac side, but I generally feel their products come out polished.

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    the thing with apple is they have the resources and the manpower to deliver. also remember they have very few actual products out! android has a huge dev following so they remain right up there with IOS, webos apart from this community never really took off and for all it promises never had the dev backing it needs to take off! hp were not prepared to invest heavily in this market and they told webos users what they wanted to hear as they needed to shift the devices they received off palm! soon as HP dropped the pre, pre plus and pre 2 i knew it was only a matter of time! didnt realise how quick it would come but it was always gonna happen!
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    I have a bad history with HP pulling out the rug.

    When I was working for RCA, we got a big presentation about their upcoming EDA software that would do IC, board, and mechanical design. This would replace the Applicon/Calmas workstations. After them giving us their hype, our management worked out a deal with their management worth about $5 Million. Soon the hardware arrived and sat in receiving waiting for the software to arrive. One year later, we got the word from HP that it wasn't coming. They refused to take back their equipment. The finally did... after two years in the courts.

    Then I convinced the family business to computerize their inventory and sales. We brought in a HP business specialist and specified what we needed and bought the recommended hardware and software package. After a month of late nights putting in inventory stats, we were about 1/3 done and we ran out of disk space. We called HP to get more disk and they told us that they decided that they were no longer supporting that model and would not provide any support or upgrade. Another few months in the courts got them to finally take the machine back.

    Now this mess. Fool me once...

    Funny thing is that I like my Touchpad and would prefer to keep it. But it's going back.
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