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    I am livid about the abandonment of WebOS. If anyone thinks that this was just a spur of the moment decision is dumb. HP execs played us like fools, and us WebOS loyal Let's just look at the timelines since July 2011:

    June 30th - HP announces early adopter make it right program. Early adopters must buy 32gb model. Interpretation: HP knew this thing wouldn't sell for $600 and "forced" early adopters to buy the 32gb model so they could weasel $50 additional dollars out of early adopters (who foolishly, like me, did such with trust). We figured we got the "better" Touchpad for only $50 more. It was the illusion of a deal. In reality we got the model that HP knew wasn't going to sell. Certainly if we could have used the $50 on the 16gb many of us would have done so.

    Also keep in mind HPs clever little line in their rebate terms and conditions: "Once the rebate has been applied for the device cannot be returned".

    July 1st: Hp Touchpad Release. Interpretation: Crickets chirping; early adopters/webos devotees rushing to buy. Flushing $600 down the drain with promised rebate which none of us have gotten, heard a peep about, and probably won't ever see.

    July 11th: Jon Rubinstein no longer in charge of WebOs Interpretation: He knew what was going on and either 1. Didn't want to be a part of it, or 2. Put up a fight and HP usurped his power

    July 17th: WebOS "hard launch". Interpretation: HP tricks early adopters into not returning their devices. Most places have 30 day return policies. HP just had to string early adopters along for ~10 more days. Conveniently HP announces that an "update" to the Touchpad

    July 31st: HP announced that the Touchpad's price was reduced by $50. Both the 16gb and 32 gb models. Interpretation: HP says a big eff you to early adopters, who's $50 rebate was now rendered useless.

    Aug 1st: HP releases WebOS 3.0.2 for Touchpad. Early adopters rejoice that their Touchpads are finally "the way they should have been at launch". Interpretation: Conveniently HP released the update a day after most return policies expired.

    Aug 3rd: Staples releases a $100 off Touchpad coupon. This may seem insignificant but it's not. As early as July 20th Staples had a coupon for $100 off any tablet with certain exceptions. Those being the iPad, the Nook, the Kindle, and the TOUCHPAD. At this point Staples thought that Touchpad still had a chance. From that time to Aug 3rd, they must have been given information that would prompt them to release a coupon for $100 off the Touchpad only. Interpretation: Some sort of insider tipping of Staples by HP.

    Aug 4th: HP announces promotional $100 off from Aug 5th-7th. Interpretation: Experiment to see market reception of the Touchpad at a reduced price. If they could get a favorable reaction they would continue to support WebOS. Also another HUGE eff you to early adopters, laughing in our faces after now ripping us off for $100.

    Aug 10th: HP announces permanent $100 off discount. Interpretation: HP realized the Touchpad was done for. Last ditch attempt to sell off as much hardware as they could. Again, another slap in the face for the early adopters.

    Aug 11th: HP announces $50 app credit for the Touchpad: Interpretation: Guise to keep early adopters from suing showing how much they "care" about their loyal consumers. $50 to an app store that they know would not have support in 10 days.

    Aug 16th: Official Palm Pre 2 update to 2.1 for Verizon: Interpretation: Not quite sure what this said. I thought it was hope that the Pre 3 would be coming but looking back I think it was more of a "last hurrah" for WebOS on VZW. Got that out the door before they closed shop. It was extremely weird though seeing the HP logo upon boot instead of the Palm logo. Deceptively thought that maybe this was a sign of good things to come from HP.

    Aug 16th: Release of the Pre 3 trickled in Europe. Interpretation: Clearly an attempt to dump inventory on early adopters/WebOs loyal consumers. There wasn't even an official announcement about the release until after early adopters got shipping notifications. The announcement was pedestrian at best.

    Aug 17th: Best Buy outs HP of terrible Touchpad sales; wants refund. Interpretation: Best Buy finally got the leak that Staples got back in early August that the Touchpad was dead. However, they were ****ED they were last to know of the leak so they publicly ripped HP a new one.

    Aug 17th: Touchpad 64gb announced in France: Interpretation: The trickery continues. Complete last ditch attempt to sell off failed hardware.

    Aug 18th: HP announces death of WebOS, WebOS devices including Touchpad, Pre, and Veer. Interpretation: Eff you early adopters. Enjoy your $600 brick. At least we recouped SOME money off of our awful ads and 1.2 billion dollar investments. How do you launch the euro Pre 3, the 64 Touchpad, and the Touchpad in general while knowing in 2 days you're ditching it all? They do it because they are crooks who took advantage of their early adopters and knew that there were a few fools out there who'd buy it day one. That's the ultimate poker face.

    To be honest I am shocked that they didn't release an incomplete Pre 3 in the USA to try to unload inventory too.

    Now were is that class action lawsuit?

    Goodbye WebOS; <<moderator edit>>
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    I too am waiting to hear from the lawyers in our community about whether there's some sort of breach of contract here that could lead to a class-action suit.
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    please control the language.

    <thread closed>
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    Quote Originally Posted by blinktreo View Post
    I too am waiting to hear from the lawyers in our community about whether there's some sort of breach of contract here that could lead to a class-action suit.
    What, the "making things right" contract?
    There is no law-suit.

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