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    If HP drops support for the Touchpad, I will boycott all of their products. Who is with me on this!!!
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    hrmmmm... well, there is only one HP device I can remember owning in the past 10 years, or perhaps even ever. ha
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    no one will hear you scream.

    Time to pick Nexus or iPhone...
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    Cant, they make really good servers and printers
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    Nothing new for me. Also, now that the company no longer has contracts to purchase HP gear, I don't have to no longer choose from HP for our business needs.

    Ack...printers... forgot about those...hmmmm
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    its only 25000 users that really won't make any diff
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    Were you paying attention to the announcements? Unless you're looking for enterprise software, there's not going to be any HP product to boycott.
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    Betamax, Amiga, Rendition, OS/2. Tech history is littered with superior tech undermined by acts of god and clueless execs. We can holler, but, Game Over, Dude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    Were you paying attention to the announcements? Unless you're looking for enterprise software, there's not going to be any HP product to boycott.
    Yup. This.

    Unless you know a big HP shareholder, your cries are in vain.

    Though I do believe that HP has just signed the contract for going from being the largest tech company in the world to being a fourth-tier enterprise software provider.

    I'm sure the investors will be thrilled. Looking forward to seeing HP's stock prices over the coming months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    Cant, they make really good servers and printers
    Their printers aren't very good. I thought they were too, until I switched to Epson. Much better printer.

    I, too, will be boycotting HP.
    Blasphemous webOS fan, using Android (with a big phone buying problem)
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    i already started boycotting their products when my laptop graphics card died and they refused to replace it even though it is listed as defective on their site.
    You come at the king. You best not miss.
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    not ever considering another hp product ever...
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    My take is only boycotting what they aren't selling off. The people in the personal systems unit are in the same boat as webOS. I love my dm1z, but if I had known this was happening I probably wouldn't have bought it.
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    I have never been a fan of HP. I only became interested in their products once they bought Palm and changed the name to HP webOS. At that point I started warming up to them, and taking a liking to their Envy line & printers. But now, later for them.

    I have no more interest in HP. If they license webOS, that's great. I'll continue to support webOS, but anything else related to HP, I have no interest in.
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    I actually love the pixi. love the price, love the phone. Im upset that after I find an affordable phone I like and a decent app store (for me.. Im too old for all the doo dads but what they have I use) they up and decide to ditch it. I feel like ..idk.. like im a customer and they abandoned me. I get that the bottom line is what counts and I can't fault them for that. If the new phone or WHATEVER is cool AND affordable like the pixi is than i'm in there like swimwear.. the only time i'd ever boycott a company is if they were doing something unethical and immoral to its employees and /or the public. Making a financial decision isn't among those lines..However they were seriously inconsiderate and rude for springing this on us out of the blue. Hopefully support doesn't stop and the apps are still available.

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