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    I have been with this site since 2004. I have gone through a few devices. This community helped me a lot to get every little ounce out of my phones, from Treo 650, to Centro, to Pre. My Pre is running 800MHz, old, but still capable. So I want to thank everyone here and a farewell to all. Dieter has moved on. I hope Derek finds other exciting gadgets to play with. I will head to Android Central. Hope everyone finds his/her best phones.
    Palm V -> Treo 600 (lost) -> Treo 650 -> Centro -> Pre -> Photon
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    so I desparately need a new phone - in fact all four us in our family were waiitng for the pre 3.

    Not sure what to do now. Heres' hoping:
    1. pre3 is released as the last HP_branded phone since I think they're all done and waiting in some warehosue.
    2. webos is licensed so next phone after pre3 is a samsung or HTC webos etc

    if not, what's similar to a pre3? droid3?

    the worse part is developers like me. I'll need to port my Javascript/HTML app - I suppose there's phonegap. I will have to start looking at it more seriously now.
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    I feel like we should all get together for one big good bye
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    this community isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Everybody back on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    this community isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Everybody back on.
    well what are we gonna do here?
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    we will think of something to discuss.
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    Enjoy the devices you have and support the ecosystem that is still alive perhaps? HP is dumping the hardware... so far the software side is alive and in hiding.

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