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    The announcement today would not anger me so much if another 5 companies were not bidding on Palm at te same time HP was. Other companies would have taken smart steps and realized that you can't compete with a 90% market share with just a few bucks. I had very high hopes for HP and WebOS, and I was very excited about the future of the platform. Now it is uncertain.

    this also gives me a preview of how fragmented hp is. There is no way that a company that is unified in a decision like this would:

    1. Lower the price by $100
    2. Give a $50 app credit
    3. Release the Pre 3 in Europe
    4. Update Verizon pre 2

    So the company is divided, and not in good ways. And they have reply disappointed me, especially because other companies were in the run for palm, yet HP won the bid.

    I remember Jon Rubenstein saying "we went with HP because they had the right ideas about what to do with webOS," and saying that HP views and Paul's views on the platform were similar. Well that went out the window, huh....

    All I am going to say is this: I have a Pixi, a palm pre 1, a palm pre plus, and a palm pre 2 and a touchpad and I am going to hold on to them for as long as they live. And hopefully, until we see another webOS device.
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    Bye bye, Rubenstein!

    --Thank GOD!
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    well, apparently, this came as a shock to many at HP themselves.

    So we don't know the real side of this, and we may not know. HP didn't spend 1.2 billion on making hardware. They bought the software and IP, and right now we know that HP will continue to have webOS just not make hardware.
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    could this mean the revival of PALM . . . the brain of webOS but on other OEMs? hhhhmmmmmm
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    They spent lots of money so far, they just lost the stomach to fight the battle. Signed up for the marathon... thinking a marathon is the same as a 5K.

    The replacement of Mark Hurd may have had more effect than many people believed. The new CEO gets a pass on his predecessors initiatives only for so long before they become his.

    Once it was time for Leo to throw down on webOS with his own decisions, he choose to bail rather than fight. (He's a software and services guy, remember?)
    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )
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    Hopefully Samsung will buy the PC/palm division and so something with it!
    I just do not see Apothaker lasting much longer as CEO, how can you change your mind so drastically for a company that big?
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    good for you....I was a very late adopter after palm went from PalmOS to WebOS. I waited a year before jumping onboard because i was unsure of where this platform was going. Even then i waited until i could get a device off contract for the minimal amount of money and only purchased software I could really use to get work done. With that being said, i was really hoping HP could turn things around for WebOS, because like many others, once you use the interface you really begin to enjoy not having look all over the place to find what you need to do, it's simple and really intuitive.

    I'll be keeping my Pixi Plus for as long as i can, but my TP is going back unless I hear some really good news..."in the coming days".

    Peace and Hairgrease!!!

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