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    A good healthy yell always makes me feel better. Stupid HP.

    Now, my guess is that we will see WebOS for a while yet... unless they completely walk away from it.

    I think the first problem was dropping the Palm brand. Bad idea to get rid of why people even know what webOS is.
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    No, first problem was they kept the stupid pre name. And spend very little money on redesigning the phone, kept the failed form factor. And made cheap plastic fat tablet.
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    .... that is definitely a problem. I will go with you on that, but it is definitely mistake #2.
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    No the problem was HP themselves never did anything. They simply burnt off what they inherited with Palm. Thats it. The tablet HP was designing actually was pretty slick but it got shelved in favor of what Palm brought to the table. They only have themselves to blame.
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    Let's see then...


    - Dropping the Palm name

    - Failed form factor (Pre)

    - No original thought
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    LOL... could you have made the title a bit longer though?
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    :O I even tried dropping some of the h's.
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    So now that HP has announced the death of webos (be honest with yourself, webos is tainted now and cannot make a comeback no matter who owns it), maybe we should start pointing fingers

    My company was swallowed up by a much larger company several years ago. They signed an agreement with the management of our company that basically left them in charge for a year. The first year was pretty quiet, then after a year, the new mothership started placing their people in our company and that's when the changes started.

    This is PURE SPECULATION, but I feel HP did something similar with Palm... they agreed to keep Rubi in control for 1 year. Rubi and the gang thought business as usual would be OK to relaunch webos - big announcement with no products, 2 new phones with the same old form factor, etc. However, I think they were pressured by HP to also make a tablet. This was a distraction and it only served to hurt webos - fragmentation, developer confusion, etc.

    Summary: Palm is to blame for killing webos thru poor management decisions. HP gets some credit too for pushing the tablet so badly...I think they should have solidified webos on the phones first then entered the tablet space. I think to try to enter that space with a fragmented OS and development framework was a huge mistake for an eco-system that was trying to build/rebuild itself.

    Disclaimer: the ideas expressed are pure speculation and have no basis in fact... I have no problem admitting it. This thread is for venting about why webos has died.
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    HP needs to sell webOS/Palm to someone that's got a set. What happened to "we are in it for the long haul" and "it's not a sprint"? What, when the low sales numbers came in were all of the board members running around frantically shouting out "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" like a bunch of chicken littles, lol. HP, go back to selling printers and put webOS in some competent hands. BTW, I'm keeping my TouchPad, still think it is one of the best tablets out.
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    business suggests that facebook buy it.
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    sorry, meant business insider.

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