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    Right now, I have an AT&T Wireless PrePaid plan with a Nokia phone. I want to keep my phone number, so I guess I'm sticking with AT&T. What type of plan would I need to get a Treo 270 to work with AT&T, or would it even work? Any idea how much they charge for the data transfer, or is that included? I don't use the phone much, but I still need it, and I want the PDA functions (and wireless web browsing/e-mail).

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    Kevin from Handspring here. In answer to your question, Cingular and T-Mobile are the only service providers that are supported on the Treo 270 right now. An AT&T SIM card might work in a Treo 270 if inserted, but neither Handspring or AT&T will provide support for this usage. Hope that answers your question.

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    Hi Kevin, Thanks for your reply!

    I've actually been looking at the Sprint plans the last few days. They seem reasonably priced and pack a lot of great features (like unlimited net stuff), however I think I'll be waiting til early next year before making a purchase (since I hear sprint has some nasty bugs in their system still). Also, maybe if I wait long enough, an ARM-powered OS 5 treo will be released with video conferencing (hey, I can dream, can't I?
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    I was one of the first to use a VisorPhone with my prism that I purchased on the VoiceStream (T-Mobile) plan. When the Treo came out, I purchased a Treo and moved the SIM over to the Treo with no problems. When my one year agreement with Voicestream (T-mobile) was up, I purchased a Seimans S46 TDMA/GSM phone with ATT and activated it. I can move the SIM into my Treo 270 with no problems and when I'm not in a GSM area I put it back in the S46. It has worked since day 1 and even better since I upgraded to GPRS 1.1.

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