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    Thanks to great posts like Stanne's

    I now can get my MSNmail via my Treo 300. A stupid follow-up question: with all the cloning of telephone numbers going on, how secure are my email messages now? If someone clones my phone number while I'm accessing my emails from the Dallas airport, can they also access my MSN emails?

    Does anyone have security tips for the novices?

    Much obliged!
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    The link is not working...
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    Reprint of Stanne's instruction from "hotmail on blazer" forum:

    1) Firstly visit:

    2) Click on the 'change' prompt under the 'My mobile computing device:'

    3) Click on 'Pocket PC or other PDA'. Click on 'Continue', then agree to the conditions stipulated on the screen.

    4) Navigate to and you should see a PDA formatted page of MSN Mobile. Click on Hotmail, again a PDA formulated page.

    5) Now, copy the EXACT URL from your PC browser into the Blazer browser. Ensure there are no spelling errors etc. Go on line and browse to the pasted url in your Blazer browser. Bookmark that page.

    6) Whilst still online, again, on your Palm, click 'Compose' and then bookmark once agian. What you call these pages is up to you.

    There you have it, Hotmail on your browser, and you can also compose emails whilst being offline. No attachments though. Well we cannot have everything. Hope this helps. If you've tried and tested this on any other browser then let me know so I can let others know. Click here to email me.
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    Wow this is cool, thanks for the workaround.

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