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    I am reading an article at CNET...

    Five possible responses to the Google-Motorola merger

    One particular response may intrigue some of us here...

    Quote Originally Posted by CNET
    2. Amazon and Hewlett-Packard team up via WebOS.

    Google, Apple and Amazon have increasingly become competitors in the wider online world. Each of these companies now offers cloud-based content, and they're vying for consumer loyalty to their services. Devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPad and Google's Android devices provide that link to the cloud the services. And as portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets replace desktop and laptop computers, the battle for consumers hearts and minds will be fought in the mobile market.

    While Amazon and Google are rivals when it comes to cloud services, they are also budding partners. Amazon is rumored to be developing tablets using the Google Android platform. But Google's purchase of Motorola may threaten this relationship with Amazon. And as a result, Amazon to look for an alternative to Android.

    Hewlett-Packard could be the perfect partner, according to ZDNet blogger Jason Perlow. HP, which bought Palm for its WebOS mobile operating system, hasn't seen much success with its first tablet, the TouchPad. But the WebOS software has actually won a lot of praise from experts. Perlow thinks that HP should cut a deal with Amazon.

    He said that HP could continue to advance the WebOS technology, while leveraging Amazon's sales and distribution network for the tablets and phones that use the operating system. But more importantly, Amazon could provide the cloud services and content for the WebOS devices, including books, video, music, storage and ebooks. Currently, one of WebOS's biggest problems is the fact that it doesn't have any content relative to Apple and Google.

    On the hardware side, Amazon already has lots of experience partnering with Asian device makers for its Kindle e-readers.

    Amazon could serve as the primary brand for the WebOS devices, giving HP much needed marketing and distribution for its products. It could be a win-win for each company. But Perlow points out that this also means that Amazon would have to abandon or curtail its existing strategy for its Amazon Appstore for Android and its plans to build Android tablets.
    Do you think there is a synergy between HP and Amazon?
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    if amazon used webOS for the next generation Kindle, it would be a game changer and a huge win for both companies.
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    And of course after seeing Grid 10 and the continuous client thing (that you can pause video on tablet and continue it from your pc) I think that Amazon and HP can do a lot better in this area.
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    Not that anyone will read my response now that this has been moved to the news sub-forum....

    Google's purchase of Motorola is likely to kill Android as we now know it. Why should HTC continue to produce an Android device at a cost of battling both Apple and Microsoft in order to compete with the hardware of the guy providing you with the OS. It's one thing for Google to have a phone with their name on it. But with Motorola, they are looking to have a family of phones and devices.

    But the same could be said against HP. HP is not going to stop building webOS hardware and any webOS Amazon tablet will have to compete with HP's own hardware.
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    Hi, my take on the Google's Motorola purchase, I rather think it is after the bulk patents Motorola has been holding than the innovations. It preempts the patent trolls, namely Apple. As for the device manufacturing with Motorola and its changing relationship among other vendors building on the success of Android, I hope Google will stand by its motto... "Don't be evil"

    Like the "father" of cellphone, Martin Cooper, has tweeted yesterday...

    Quote Originally Posted by MartyMobile
    Google acquires Motorola. End of an 82 year era of radio leadership and excellence. Perhaps Google will leave them alone - let's hope.
    Back on the possibility on HP - Amazon... Of course, there is an opportunity if Amazon is not following the crowd.
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    But from what we are hearing WebOS simply doesn't sell - people jumped onto android because it lifted sales - if the OS doesn't do that - what's the point?
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    HP needs help with sales and distribution? A Palm and Amazon joint venture would make sense, but HP? Has this been a problem with their computers and printers? Has this been a problem for the Touchpad and Veer? I don't know what's going on with the Pre3.

    What's in it for Amazon? webOS on Kindle? Doesn't that destroy the beauty of the Kindle right now? A single purpose, dedicated, cheap, low power consuming e-reader. They could use it for their rumored tablet. But that does a 180 from the loyalty that they're building with Android users with their Free App of the Day. They could add webOS and WP7 to the list since Apple is not Amazon's best friend right now.
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    Last time I checked rumors were that Amazon is working on an Android (Kindle) Tablet... So I guess no HP - Amazon joint product in the near future.
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    I don't think it's likely, given Amazon already has their own Android app store.

    On the other hand, I would really like to see HTC start making some webOS phones. Of the partners most affected by Monday's announcement, HTC is probably the most vulnerable one. Samsung and LG are very diversified, but HTC makes only mobile devices, almost all of them run on Android. Right now they are probably taking a long hard look at WP7, and now would be the perfect time for HP to talk to them about licensing webOS.
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    Thanks for your sharing. Now, it seems the future is dead-end practically with the announcement from HP today to drop the webOS "device operations" and exploring the suitor to take over the webOS properties.

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