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    Hard Reset.

    Whatever your problem. Hard Reset.
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    that does solve most software related issues...
    -Michael Ducker
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    For whatever reason, it depends on who you get at HS. Some there have been very helpful by email with very specific problems. I've also found the online support database to be very comprehensive.
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    Originally posted by miradu
    that does solve most software related issues...
    I've noticed that the frequency of hard reset is significantly reduced with my Treo 180g when I apply the following procedures when I hotsync and charging the batt:

    1 Set the Treo to offline mode

    2 Disable HackMaster

    There could be some connection becos HS Support recommended a soft reset before performing hotsync on the Treo.

    Appreciate if someone with better understanding of the technical thingy could share your respected views.

    Thanks and regards.
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    I had a problem with grafitti on the 180g, the silkscreen was somehow misaligned and a hard reset didn't fix it. HS in the UK didn't give me a chance to try to analyze the problem, they replaced the unit immediately. Before and after I had problems with the phone hanging, needing to be switched off to be able to login to the network again, normally after having been in areas with bad reception.

    I installed the GPRS updater the day after it was released, since then I have had no problems. The phone works satisfactory for my purpose, I know that I have done a reset or two but I can't remember why anymore. I am not a lot on the phone, but I have days with a few "longer" conversations once in a while. Today I spend most of the day in bad reception areas and the phone hasn't complained.

    What might be important is that I do NOT have any hacks installed, relatively few applications but a large phone book and lots of entries in Date Book+. I use the palm applications every day many times.

    I am very satisfied with the Treo except for the battery life and the price (I paid), for that amount it should have come with a cradle and a sync cable. IMHO Handspring has done a good job and they cannot be held responsible for problems caused by hacks that modify the machine.

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