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    It's Time For HP To Throw The Long Bomb And License WebOS

    With Google's attempt to buy Motorola Mobility, Android phone makers like Samsung and HTC face a difficult challenge.

    HP: Time To Throw The Long Bomb And License WebOS

    If they continue to ship Android, they'll eventually be competing with their platform provider. Unless regulators step in, Motorola -- or whatever it becomes -- will get early access to Android builds and new Google services. In fact, Google would be crazy if it didn't let Motorola build the flagship Android phones and tablets from now on.
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    i would agree. but only if hp were to leave the phone market. palm is 100% right, google is heading for failure. many have tried (including apple, they licensed the ipod to HP at one point) licensing hardware to compete against itself and none have been winners out of it.

    if google does not sell their hardware division soon enough then android will be in free fall soon.

    if hp wants to license webos on phones, then it needs to leave the phone business to the hardware makers. if not HP needs to release 3-5 models a year to keep webos in the consumer mind share....
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    hp just needs to start makin phones. We need a few different phones that cycle yearly. I wanna see them start with the HP Envy 1 (phone)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ijip View Post
    (including apple, they licensed the ipod to HP at one point)
    Really/??? I need to see this :O Do you have any article, image or anything? :O
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    Quote Originally Posted by viper151 View Post
    Really/??? I need to see this :O Do you have any article, image or anything? :O
    for a short period of time, HP resold the 2nd gen iPod. It was carried by Best Buy. The partnership didn't last very long. Is was back in about 2004 or 2005.
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    So now posters are going from burying webOS to burying android? Androids gonna be just fine. Licensing webOS handsets and concentrating on the hardware they do well, is a good idea for HP.
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    I'm all for licensing webOS but I feel that HP should follow Microsoft's "limited" licensing of WindowsPhone 7. Every year, the licensed companies should be given device minimums (in terms of specs) that they are allowed to produce with webOS on it. I also don't think HP should completely open up webOS to all comers who would like to use it. I think they should have a few limited partners (ideally HTC and Amazon) in order to keep fragmentation down to a minimum. Finally, HP should still continue to make their own branded webOS devices as the "nexus s" of the webOS phones/tablets.
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    I say do it, at least for phone first. Maybe for tablet too.

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