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    Came across an interesting article tonight.

    Is HP a Great Value or a Value Trap? - DailyFinance
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    My advice: Spend you gadget money wisely on an ecosystem thats pretty much guaranteed to be around (iOS, Android, WP7) so it has some kind of resale value & you're not left with a half-dead product. After getting burned by the Pre (and later the Pixi), people would have to REALLY like WebOS to want to go down that road again IMO. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but I don't like it THAT much to get screwed again.

    Seeing that they're dropping the price left & right on the TP, and the fact that they can't even release a Pre 3 on time, that should be a good indicator to wait. When they start getting serious, then take another look. Till then, buy into one of the other ecosystems. Just my advice since we're talking about value.
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    @peestandigup thanks for sharing such bitterness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    @peestandigup thanks for sharing such bitterness.
    Not being bitter, just truthful (which I understand is frowned upon here nowadays). So you're saying WebOS adopters didn't get burned?? OK, tell us another one.

    It's your alls money, spend it how you want I guess. Just don't cry when HP decides to drop the price another $100, still has no apps & you're left holding a half-dead product that's worth a small fraction of what you paid for it just months before.
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    HP is making great progress with webOS - the TouchPad, the coming TouchPad 4G as well as the TouchPad go and the progress they've made in advertising etc all point to strong movement toward the success of webOS and a good indication that HP IS getting serious. Sure the Pre3 is not out yet but the vast majority of users and potential customers have no idea that a Pre3 is even in the works. Market share for webOS is so small right now, but I suspect that is changing and will only get better. Full disclosure: I am a Pre- Sprint user and would love to have a Pre3 in my hands but that is not enough for me to proclaim, with any level of honesty, that since Pre3 is not out that HP is not serious about webOS.
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    <<closed as FUD - sorry, but this thread is nothing but a honeypot for trolling>>
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