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    How are you MAC users doing with your Treo? I'm seriously considering dumping my PC for a MAC, but I'm concerned about issues I've heard with the Treo and OS X.

    I'm so fed up with the frequent hangs and crashes, the bloated operating system, DLL's, and don't get me started on the *&^@#! registry.

    I worked with a MAC way back when they first came out, and it blew the PC away in terms of performance, speed, and ease of use. Is that still the case, or am I just asking for more trouble by switching?

    Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.

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    The more I talk to Windows users, the more I find people who feel exactly how you feel right now. I use a Dell PC at work every day, and a Mac at home, and I can tell you from experience, there's no way I'd ever buy a PC.

    The biggest problem with being a Mac user is that far too many companies still write PC only software. So occasionally, you may run into a program, or a utility for your Treo that won't have a Mac Installer. It's generally easy to work around that, though.

    My Treo 270 syncs perfectly with Palm Desktop 4.0, and I look forward to a time when it will work flawlessly with iSync (it's still a beta right now).

    By and large, I never wish that I had a PC. And I often wish when I'm at work that I was on my Mac instead. So I say go ahead and switch. Chances are, you'll never look back.

    OSX is ten times better than the Classic Mac OS, and it's at least a hundred times better than Windows, in terms of ease of use, compatibility, and efficiency. Once you get used to the look and feel of it, you'll wonder how you ever got around the clunky-ness of Windows. Seriously.

    If all you do is surf the web and play games, stick with Windows. That's about all it does better than the Mac. Otherwise, take the plunge. There's a great community of Mac users out there that can help you along the way if you run into any issues.
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    I completely agree with the above. I have used a MAC since 1989. A couple of friends have just bought Imacs (former windows) users and love the simplicity and lack of hassles.

    As far as the Treo, I bought my 300 about 3 weeks ago. I was concerned about syncing my Palm data (have been a Palm OS user since 1997). I had read on this board about Sprint and Handspring not supporting the MAC platform on the 300,but I took the plunge anyway. Running Palm deskstop 4.0 and running MAC OS 10.2, everything worked flawlessly the first time and ever since.
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    Ditto - I'm using my Treo 300 exclusively on a Mac, and not only does the sync work perfectly, I'm also using Docs to Go 5.x Pro and syncing MS Office docs as well. I've had no problems at all - it just works.
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    I use Wintel at work because I have to, and I use Macs at home because I want to. Since my first SE back in the mid 1980s to my current TiPB G4, I can do everything I need without any of the Wintel hassles. For the very rare PC only app, I use Virtual PC to emulate Windows OS (it's slow, but fine). For 99% of the things most folks use a computer for at home, Macs are the way to go. Check out:

    for info.

    My setup:
    TiPB G4 400mHz (1st gen).
    384 megs/20 gig HD
    AirPort (WiFi)
    OS 10.2.1 (Jaguar)
    HP OfficeJet d145 AIO (wireless Ethernet over Airport)
    HP LaserJet 5M (wireless Ethernet over Airport)
    Treo 180 with Palm v.4.0 desktop sync native over USB.
    GPRS upgrade (thanks to info here at Treocentral).
    A few key Palm apps (including Documents to Go).

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    and every day i stare at the emac comptuer labs in my schoolrunning OS X.. my brothers 14 inch iBook when he's home form colelge, and the nice dual ghz g4's with cinema displays.

    I'm in mac lust right now.. i need one so bad.... I'm sick of windows.. I have had a hellish time.

    I just made a movie after school with imovie last week.. I was shocked at hteh ease of use.. I had used adobe premeiere, and while it is more powerful - both final cut pro and imovie are infinantly better. I just plug in the camera and it gets the clips.. I drag and drop, add voiceover.. transition..titles and dub to VCR....

    I swear it's like a dream (the pwoer and beauty and simplicity of apple).. but everytime i wake up and find it's real.

    I do have 22 days of uptime right now on my win2k boxen, but that's becuase i gave up on IE and I now run phoenix - a fast browser based off mozilla. windows UI just sucks.

    everything just works.

    give me os 10 please.. there really should be a song to go with this.. like a drawn out vocal rock song.. "so just give me the freakin mac.. make my troubles go away" "I'm not scared anymore - bring me home to the future" "I see the BSOD and am drawn toward the aqau beauty of is rival" "I want simplicity and better integration... i wana calenders and spam filtering mail. I want unix based power and security.. i want anythin but windows"

    btw.. why is office X so much nicer than office XP?
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Originally posted by miradu
    btw.. why is office X so much nicer than office XP?

    Because it's on a Mac?
    James Hromadka, TreoCentral Editor
    Houston - EST. 1836
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    I'm the dinosaur of the bunch. I have an iMac 8.6 at home. Was using a serial OS9 machine at work. Traded it for an 8.6 G3 Mac laptop when it became available, which will soon be upgarded to OS9. My Treo 90 has connected great to all three machines. I've also found mac software, like MacPalmDoc (for reading and writing Palm Docs on the mac) and GraphicConverter (with plug ins for almost every kind of Palm grapic image) are fairly flawless and really simple to use.

    I have found an issue with the 90, which many or moy not be an OS4.1 issue. With Handspring's Photo Album (freeware) MacPalmDoc you need to add the .pdb extention when saving files in order to get the Treo to load them.
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    So do any of the Treos work with the current iSync beta? I'm thinking about getting a 270 in the comming months and want to be able to sync to iCal and Address Book (or in other words, without having to use the Palm Desktop software).

    I read somewhere once (and I don't know if it's true, I've never owned a Palm) that the non-Palm-made PDAs that have issues with Palm Desktop 4.0 simply need the OS upgrade files removed from the Palm Desktop folder, since the Palm Desktop software trying to upgrade the 3rd party Palm-powered PDA is causing the problems.
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    iSync is sort of a mixed bag right now. I've talked to people who have had no problems at all. When I used it, I ended up with a lot of duplicates on my Palm. And strange duplicates, too. Like making an extra Christmas on December 24th, or an extra New Year's Eve on December 30th. And it was very slow. I think I'm going to wait until it's out of beta before I try it again.

    It's a shame, because I love iCal, and I want to use it as my full-time calendar program. And I absolutely love the new Address Book in OSX.

    By the way, you can't get rid of Palm Desktop altogether. Unfortunately, the way iSync works is that it uses HotSync manager to gather its data from your Treo. So it has to remain installed. A big mistake, in my opinion. One of the major lures of iSync for me when it was announced was that it would allow me to get rid of Palm desktop altogether. Oh well. Maybe eventually Apple will figure Palm users out.

    Palm Desktop 4.0 will work fine with the Treo 270, once you remove the Palm OS Updaters from the proper folder. Otherwise, it will keep trying to install them. If you can live with the fact that Palm Desktop is kind of ugly and clunky, then it will work fine for you. I never run into instability issues with it. I just don't like it.
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    i run mac (on laptop) at work, and windows at home. i haven't hotsynced w/ the widows os in about a year and a half. what i have done is work with and sync a deluxe, 2 different prisms (with all sorts of modules and other software) , and a treo 180 on my mac during that time, and have had very few problems. the biggest problem was when i downloaded some of the newish patches/fixes/updates, it crashed me pretty hard, but i got rid of all those, and it's been verrrrry fine ever since.

    it seems that windows has SO many probs that i don't even want my "babies" associating with such rif-far: especially by wire!
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    Is there a way to get my mail, or sync my mail with my Treo, if I use Apple's OS X Mail / .mac? Do I need some sort of conduit, or ...... Apple's webmail site isn't very Blazer friendly unless I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for any advice.
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    I have been using isync with my Treo 180 and mostly no problems. Be sure that you sync to the palm address book before syncing to iSync due to the problems with duplicates and isync not really recognizing address Catagories. I have had to re catagorize my contacts a few times after restoring from hard resets. For mail sync there is a .mail conduit that works with Mark/Space mail.
    I miss Avantgo syncing but can wireless sync Avantgo for now. The nice thing is with iSync I have all my calender, addresses and to do items syncronized on my Treo, iPod, my main computer and .Mac account. I can then access my .Mac account on any Mac OS X machine with a net connection.
    And my main machine is a true dinosaur.
    Powermac 7600/Sonnetts G4 450 Upgrade, ATA 100 PCI with 2 120 gig drives. PCI Radeon, Sonnets Firewire/USB card, 512 mb ram running MAc OS X 10.2.2. Uptime 3 months

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