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    Hi all,

    FYI. I quoted the article from the final portion of the article...There is very interesting food for thought! Please use the link I've provided to reach the balance of the article.

    We all knew this was going to be a hard & long fight for HP. Now with hindsight, Ruby made a huge mistake...the TouchPad should have been delayed until the update that came a few weeks later....The reviews would have been far better.

    HP should also have and still should point out, that we may be slightly thicker and heavier, but that's because to Touchstone tech as well as touch to share at least with the Veer (until the next touch to share phone is released).

    One last thought, dropping the price of the TouchPad and having sales on top of that is working to get as many of the TouchPads out there sold as HP ordered a huge initial inventory. This is GREAT for webOS, the more sales, the more people will want to write for the webOS platform.

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    HP's TouchPad plan: Become the Pepsi to Apple's Coke
    By Jason Perlow | August 10, 2011, 3:56pm PDT

    HP's TouchPad plan: Become the Pepsi to Apple's Coke | ZDNet

    Tablets are luxury devices, and while Apple may be able to sustain a market for itself by charging $500 a pop and above for iPads, Apple is still the luxury choice.

    That being said, HP cannot even think of unseating the Coca-Cola of its market segment or even making significant headway against it unless it can prove value and move product in large volumes.

    Once HP can prove value with the TouchPad, and move the units from a “More for Less” perspective a la Pepsi, then there’s room to talk about taste and product differentiation or even derivative products. And with volume sales comes opportunity and motivation for developers to take advantage of an increasing user base.
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    that's not a bad approach for now. Its all anyone can hope for w the 800 pd gorilla (apple) in the lead.

    but even the mighty can get big and fall.....look at the old palmOne now extinct or msft and vista.

    just need right partners/strategy/innovation....if the use hp's business angle...
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    I actually think it was a good move for HP to lower the TouchPad and compete on price. The TouchPad makes for a more compelling sale at that price, and has a better chance competing with Apple.
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    Great read thanks.

    I think the touchpad needs to be more comparable to ipad first but agree its what they need to be.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Ohhhh, look's like the Author (Jason Parlow) who brings us the Touchpad D.O.A. article at ZDNET sees his prediction (D.O.A.) for Touchpad didn't become a reality anytime soon. So he's open a door out of this for himself. (like: I've said it. If HP does it right it will work). Oh what a weasel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am sure hp can compete with apple

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