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    I think one of the things hurting WebOS is not just the lack of apps but the lack of evidence of apps. Meaning there's very few companies that have WebOS apps that advertise them on their website.

    Twitter - no WebOS listed.
    Groupon - no WebOS listed.

    But the ones that do list WebOS apps say 'Palm':

    I think most people don't think of WebOS when you say Palm. They think of PalmOS and PDAs. (My unscientific opinion.)

    I realize part of this may be because they aren't official apps for these sites but what can we do to get WebOS out there more?

    (Sorry, I wanted to post links but not allowed yet.)
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    Well its true. But its relatively new and with time it will get more exposure and more customers
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    IMHO, HP goofed when they decided to dump the "Palm" brand. Tens of millions of people around the world immediately recognize that name (even if they never used one), but hardly anybody knows what WebOS is (despite the advertising). Heck, when I've shown off my Touchpad at work, I get a quizzical look when I say... "you know, the old Palm devices."

    If anything, HP should have dropped WebOS, and renamed it PalmOS, so they could capitalize on both brands by marketing it as HP's PalmOS. Too late now, so they'll need to spend millions (trying) to get traction for the new brand name.
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