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    I have Hotsync/Palm desktop ver 2.6.1 installed under Classic in my iBook (dual USB) 700 Mhz. I have set up the user but when I do a hotsync, I get a message that connection failed. I don't have a problem with sync-ing with my Windows XP PC, but for the life of me, can't get it to sync with my Mac. Any answers? Sync is set for USB/Serial as usual.
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    I have only had luck hotsyncinng from my powerbook in OSX via the infrared port. I am online looking for a way to do it with the cable as the infrared port is mighty slow. Anyone else have any ideas on how to sync with a MAC on a Treo 300? Thanks.
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    OS X works great on my TiBook running the Palm Desktop version 4.0 I downloaded from the Handspring download page. I've also got it working on my desktop G4 dual-gig.

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    Thanks a lot. You are right.. the latest software works like a charm. :-)

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