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    So my master plan has officially started...

    I bought a TP 16gb today for a great price which I'll be giving as a wedding gift to my best friend (aren't I such a good friend?). The wedding was actually almost a year ago, I was his best man, and I had not given him a gift yet... on purpose. Even from last fall, I was eye-ing on getting him a webOS tablet. I was just waiting for the right deal to come along. Every time he comes to town to visit, he reminds me about not getting a gift (joking of course) and I keep telling him, "I'm just waiting for the right thing man...". Well he's in for one now. I will put a stern restriction on it: No exchanges allowed for an Ipad.

    He's on iphone 3gs currently and his upgrade discount should be coming soon. So my plan is to hook him (and his wife) on webOS first, then get him off of iphone to get Pre3 as his next phone, and his wife will love both so much that she'll dump her Verizon Blackberry and get a Pre3 as well.

    It'll be fun to see how well this all pans out... ;-)
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    Can I be your friend and dude you can be my best Man too

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