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    I have since I tried to access a GPRS web page last night encountered the following fatal error msg:
    "dataMGr.c, line:8589, index out of range"

    I have just done my forth hard reset and am still getting same error message after re-synching...
    Does anyone know what this message means? or perhaps more importantly, how to get rid of it, and use my Treo again?

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    I have not heard of this one but if you have done repeated hard resets I would suggest you get on the phone with Handspring and/or Sprint and demand a new one.

    And let us know what you find out about the cause so the rest of us can avoid it! Yikes!!
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    Found the answer on
    Apparently AOL messenger (AIM) causes this. You need to do a SEMI soft reset, remove AIm then do a proper soft reset. Seems to have doen the trick..!


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