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    Hi all,

    FYI. See link.

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    Would you use your phone as a personal identification device?
    Evan Selleck

    Would you use your phone as a personal identification device? | PhoneDog

    When we look at the way that our phones are evolving, Iíve mentioned in the past that science-fiction has a place in that conversation. Truth be told, itís a great way to consider just about anything that our phones can do, and with that science-fiction tag, we can really talk about anything. But, itís great when something that someone may consider to be fiction is actually a reality. Itís one of my favorite parts of the industry. The latest thing to pique my interest is a shopping cart that syncs to an app on your phone, and then the possibilities from there are pretty much endless (when it comes to shopping, anyway). The only bad part? It isnít happening here in the States, yet.
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    I'm not sure we have a choice in this at all.
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    I would love it.
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    Only if secure and encrypted manual authorization (password required at each use) was a part of the process.
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